Happy Birthday, Husband

Dear Brett,

Happy Birthday. There are so many different ways I could write this, so many ways to tell you that I love you. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned from you.
I’ve learned that a spider doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I’ve learned that a good game of golf can be a game changer in a day. I’ve learned that there’s a science behind sports most people don’t know. I’ve learned that some rivalries in teams will never fade away. I’ve learned the difference you can make by encouraging a kid. I’ve learned that the people you meet in new places are some of the best people of all.
I’ve learned that dedication and hard work really does pay off. I’ve learned that, if you really want something, you can make it happen.  I’ve learned that the hard things are worth it for those you love. I’ve learned that it’s necessary to take a break here and there. I’ve learned that sometimes the best days are the simplest ones. I’ve learned that cleaning isn’t always so bad, and I’ve learned that doing things right the first time means I don’t have to go back and fix them later.
I’ve learned that putting others before yourself is a necessary part of a relationship. I’ve learned that it’s okay to sacrifice what you want for someone else’s wants. I’ve learned that keeping friendships alive is completely possible with just a bit of time and effort. I’ve learned that family comes first. I’ve learned that laughter amidst frustration is one of the best cures for an angered heart. I’ve learned that time spent with those you love is a requirement, not a want. I’ve learned that love is so much more than words and a feeling. I’ve learned that a little bit of love can go a really long way. And I’ve learned that love needs to expressed each and everyday.
From you, Brett. I’ve learned all of this from you. From my relationship with you. I can’t wait to experience everything about life with you. I take for granted the fact that I’m the girl you picked to love, that I get to be the one you spend life with. You are a never-ending blessing. And I love you.
Happy Birthday, Husband.
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