Happy Birthday, Husband.

Warning: I apologize for the sappiness within this post. If mushy-gushy love letters aren’t for you, please skip or consider yourself advised.:)


Today is my husband’s birthday.

That is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that. And truthfully, I don’t really know what to do for him.

How do you celebrate someone when you can’t really describe just how happy you are that they are around?

How do you recognize someone who goes beyond the necessary every single day just to make life a little bit easier for you?

How do you thank someone who selflessly assures your joy before their own?

How do you cherish someone when you can never fully grasp the many ways you do?

I can tell Brett I love him [even though I know I don’t say it enough] and I can hug him and kiss him and squeeze him. But I can’t find words to describe how glad I am that I get to know him. I get to celebrate him, and recognize him, and thank him, and cherish him. I’m the girl who gets to love him. Forever. And even though it’s his birthday, that just might be the greatest gift I’ll ever receive.

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