Heartbeat Update – it’s on Kindle!

I have good news!

It might’ve taken almost a year to accomplish (or get the motivation to accomplish) but Heartbeat is finally on Kindle! Better yet, if you purchased Heartbeat on Amazon using Prime, you can get a Kindle copy for $2.99! I can’t promise it’s formatted perfectly, but I tried my darnedest to get it so. You can also give the Kindle version as a gift!

It still is available for purchase in many places local to the High Country: Boone Drug, KT Leigh’s Boutique, Take Heart in Blowing Rock, and It Is Well in West Jefferson.

The plan was to have a different, new devotional out in December. This fall kind of threw me for a curve ball (hence the sporadic posting of the last few weeks – sorry!) which means that writing hasn’t been a priority. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the push needed to crank it out… I’m just not giving myself that kind of deadline. I did not sleep last fall, and while it was 100% worth it, I’m not putting my body through that again. Apparently, once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

 Last fall was the fall of determination. And it was definitely a huge lesson for me of what I can accomplish when I set my mind to something. This fall, I believe, will be a season of going with the flow and allowing myself rest when I need it, because it is going to be a very busy season. I’m working on understanding how both mindsets are a part of me, and both are completely acceptable. One allows me to find my energy and perseverance from the Lord, and one allows me to find my rest in him.

**If you happened to have read part of Heartbeat, feel free to leave a review on Amazon! It helps with the ratings, which in turn makes it more visible and likely to show up in a search on Amazon! 



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