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When I think of gifts for the men in my life, my first instinct is always sports-themed. Whether it’s equipment or apparel, that seems to be a safe bet. Outside of the realm of sports, I like to stay practical with my gifts for guys. holiday gift guide for him

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So, this post definitely wouldn’t be possible without the help of the men in my life. My first step in composing a list was to contact my husband, dad, and brother-in-law. And truth be told, many of the things on this list, my husband already has! [That’s how I know they’re worth it!]. I also had the help of a few lady friends that are slightly more experienced in buying gifts for boys than I am!

For the everyman: Each guy needs his own power drill with accessories.  They also need the tools necessary to become a master grill-man. These thick socks are well worth the investment to battle winter weather. Lastly, every guy I know has their own toiletries case and classy watch. With the use these items receive, they can always use an upgrade!

For the sports fan: A sleek-looking tee is perfect for those nights out watching the game. You can’t go wrong with a simple hoodie when the temperature is down during basketball season [which of course, has to be Duke]. While it might look slightly classy, this gator bottle opener would be great for the UF fans out there [namely, my husband. Don’t be surprised if you get this, dear.] And as my dad would say, you can never have enough golf bags [as evidenced by his spring cleaning in the shed last year- love you Dad!]

For the fun guy: What guy doesn’t want to make his own beer? And to accompany that beer at tailgate, perhaps a fun flask [with a bowtie to match]? Maybe he’s an undercover fun guy and needs a more sophisticated flask. Or maybe he only likes to show his fun-ness in small doses, like with extravagant socks.

What’s your favorite gift for the men in your life? Do you have any other suggestions? Please share them below!

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