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Holiday Sweaters

Now, I’m a teacher. Which, I believe, gives me full right to wear outrageous holiday-themed clothing the entire month of December. Now, my collection isn’t big enough yet to cover all those days, but you better believe each day this week I will be representing my Christmas Spirit. Truth be told, I don’t get why these are called “tacky sweaters” when wearing them always garners a few “awws” and “well don’t you just look precious!” [Apparently, in my mind, everyone is talking in a deep southern accent. Then again, I do live in a small mountain town.]
holiday sweaters

If I could, I would buy each and every one of these. That snowman sweater? They don’t make them cuter than that. And that green poncho? I can see the joy I’d receive many years to come wearing it. Tell me you don’t immediately classify someone as friendly in one of these. Be honest- you want to be their bestie as soon as you see them in it, right? Right.

Want some help funding your collection? Don’t forget about the giveaway for one of three $500 gift cards!

Are you the lively type to embrace these wonderful Christmas sweaters? I know I’m not alone;).

Shop my favorites:

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