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How to Rejuvenate for Spring with Bioré

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rejuvenate, spring, skin care, deep cleansing #BioreCharcoal #ad

Spring makes me want to feel refreshed and purified in every single way, from my house and wardrobe to my body and skin. Where I live, I spend a majority of the winter inside because it’s just too cold to appreciate the outdoors. Because of that, as soon as it gets warm enough, I crave fresh air. I crave breathability. Being outside to hike and take walks, that helps me internally. But my skin? I rely on Bioré Charcoal products to purify that.

Biore Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser and Self Heating Mask #BioreCharcoal #ad

Bioré Charcoal products are easy to find, and available at your local Walmart! They carry a variety of charcoal products in addition to the two I use in my cleansing regimen. It’s located in the beauty department, with the skin care products.

Biore Charcoal at Walmart #BioreCharcoal #ad

While all the Bioré Charcoal products are invigorating, my personal favorite is definitely the Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask. You get that marvelous tingling sensation with just a touch of heat. It leaves your skin actually feeling clean, on top of looking it.

Biore Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser and Self Heating Mask #BioreCharcoal #ad

I start my regimen with the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. Wetting your face first, work up a lather in your hands. The better the lather, the better the cleanse. Charcoal is like a little superhero that digs down deep into your pores to really get that grime, bacteria, and dirt out. Like all the best ways to rejuvenate for spring, charcoal is natural. You’re using a product on your face that’s safe, oil free, and good for it!

Biore Charcoal Deep Cleansing Wash for freshened skin #Biorecharcoal #ad

Biore Charcoal Deep Cleansing Wash for freshened skin #Biorecharcoal #ad

While your face is still wet from rinsing off the cleanser, apply the Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask, squirting out as much as you can from the package. The water is the key ingredient to igniting the heat, so make sure your face has enough water to activate it, massaging in more if needed. I like to add a little extra water after I’ve applied the mask to prolong the fun tingling sensation.

The Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask removes 2.5 times more dirt than your average, basic cleanser. It opens pores on contact to begin working right away! It’s a cleanser you can actually feel working. I really just want to use it again and again so I can feel my dirt and oil dying away, my skin being purified.

Biore Self Heating mask deep cleans pore for healthy spring skin #BioreCharcoal #ad Biore Self Heating mask deep cleans pore for healthy spring skin #BioreCharcoal #ad

You’ve got one minute to soak it up, so use it wisely! Take a few fun snapchats, read a book, whatever you like to spend your spare minutes doing. Rinsing it off is really a cinch; it comes off easily with just a little water. This helps reprise the heat just a touch, leaving your skin truly feeling refreshed.

I like to apply a moisturizer after wiping it off if I’m washing my face at night. In the morning, I head straight for my primer. The warmer it gets, the less makeup I wear. I rely on a super-basic, very simple four step process to just make me feel a bit more comfortable and look more awake. Applying primer right after wiping off the mask helps to keep your skin feeling fresher longer.

After the primer, I dot under my eyes with just a touch of concealer. This helps to blend in any uneven coloring or make those bags a touch more unnoticeable.

easy makeup tutorial with Biore Charcoal products #BioreCharcoal #ad

I follow the concealer with a swipe of blush on my cheeks. Smiling while doing so helps to make sure I hit the balls of my cheeks, giving my skin a little sun-kissed look.

To make my eyes seem alert and pop, I add a bit of eyeliner across my top lid, and halfway to three-quarters across my bottom lid. That final touch is all I need to give my face the look of being ready to go. I feel refreshed thanks to Bioré Charcoal products, and now have a natural look to complete the confidence.

BioreCharcoal easy makeup tutorial for an anyway activity #BioreCharcoal #ad

How do you rejuvenate your skin and body for spring? I can guarantee Bioré Charcoal products will give you that purified feeling that spring just makes us desire!

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