An Instagram Course that ACTUALLY Helps!

Y’all, I am so so guilty of taking every free webinar and course I can get my hands on. I’ve read tutorial after tutorial, completing worksheet after worksheet. And sadly, I’ve only found a few in the mix that really help. They all to often hold the same information, and while they can be worthwhile for someone fresh into the blogging world, they aren’t beneficial for us who have learned the basics. But this one, Julianna’s? Worth it.

 Now, you’ve got to be willing to actually try her strategies. You can’t just read through it, although that will help you quite a bit too.  But taking the time to implement each strategy as you uncover it? That’s like Instagram Gold.

Julianna doesn’t just lay out a few tips and tricks to help you along the way, she also provides super simple worksheets and examples of what she describes to give you a starting point. I often blow right past the worksheets in courses because they tend to be questions I consider to be “fluff.” Not these. They’re direct and pointed, and help you produce the exact goals you need to target your Instagram success.

I know I’m really talking this course up, but that’s just because I’ve tried so many different ones, and this one by far gives the most information for your buck. Julianna even offers the exact steps she takes to make contact with and reach out to brands. There really isn’t anything that I can think of that this ecourse is missing in regard to Instagram.

Coming up this month, she’ll be rereleasing her instagram course for y’all to purchase. Be sure you’re following Blush and Camo so you’ll be notified when it’s available!


Julianna’s course has definitely helped me start growing more! It’s so easy to compare yourself to others as a blogger, and their rate of growth. I’ve certainly had to accept that mine will grow at a rate unique to my account, but seeing the steady progress certainly makes me excited!

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