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I failed the 4th-grade writing test.

I had to take it twice and both times received a 2, which was not a passing score. Granted, North Carolina has long done away with that test, but that leaves a lasting mark on a girl who’s used to succeeding in school. Writing was never my thing; reading was. I loved words, and the way that others could wield them. That is, until I started a blog, and began wielding them myself.

17 years after that failed test, I’m publishing a book.

And while I’ve learned so. many. things. in this process, I’ve been reminded of one thing the most. By reminded, I mean that it’s been shoved in my face and knocked me off my feet.

I started a blog having no intention of it being the catalyst for more, but God did.

I began writing posts about my faith, never knowing the confidence and rightness they’d give me, but God did.

I made plans for growth, hoping for small successes along the way. I didn’t plan on anything big, but God did.

As of today, Heartbeat is available. For the next couple of days, it’ll be available on the Createspace e-store, located here. Createspace is under the big Amazon umbrella and the method in which I published it. Within the next 3-5 days, it will be available on Amazon too. I have no idea what the shipping time is like for Amazon and I have no idea if it qualifies for Prime. I would assume that it doesn’t, as it’s print-on-demand (directly from Createspace). Sorry about that- it’ll have a shipping cost. I’m on the learn-as-you-go plan, so I’m figuring it out piece by piece;).

UPDATE: I went to check, because, eager, and it’s already on Amazon! AND qualifies for Prime!!  AH! Head here to get it!

I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I know I should talk to local bookstores (if any Boonies have suggestions of where I should reach out to, I’m all ears!) and I know I should try to promote it. I think I’ve read it so many times that the words have lost their resonance with me; I need to set it aside for a bit. Or maybe take it week by week like the book suggests;).

Right now? I’m going to soak up the fact that it’s here. It’s in book form. Friends can own it. People I don’t know can own it. It can be written all over or kept like-new. It’s officially out of my hands.

And, hopefully, into yours.

*Bloggers, if you’d like a copy to review/ help promote, shoot me an email! I’m excited to be sending some out soon:)

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