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January’s Best & February Goals

Didn’t January just fly by? Goodness gracious, that had to be the fastest month. I don’t think it’s really sunken in that it’s already 2016. February and March are going to take me by storm. I’ve got great plans to be prepared and on top of my game, so here’s to hoping I stick with that.

My favorites from January:

2016. Let’s Do This.

When to Wear Leggings

10 Truths Every Curly-Haired Girl Knows

What I’ve Learned in My First 6 Months of Blogging

Instagram Roundup:

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 1

B.B. Styled Scarf (similar, similar) // Old Navy Sweater (similar) //Covergirl  Lipstick

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 2

Target Booties // Old Navy Skirt // Old Navy Leggings // T.J. Maxx Sweater (similar) // Banana Republic Earrings (identical)
Darling Dearest Instagram January

B.B. Styled Scarf (similarsimilar) // Goodwill Cardigan (similar) // Ugg Boots

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 5

Wal-Mart Cardigan, Banana Republic Dress (similar), Necklace, Old Navy Leggings // T.J. Maxx Boots (similarsimilar)

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 6

 Bogs Boots //  Old Navy Poncho (sold out in this pattern, available in red) // J. Crew Scarf // Levi Pants (similar) // Gap Sweater (identical)

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 7

Anthropologie Mug

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 4

 Old Navy Shirt // Forever 21 Cardigan (similar, similar) // Michael’s Mug (similar) // T.J. Maxx Boots (similar, similar)

Darling, Dearest Instagram January 3

February Goals:

One. Don’t just set the goals, but actually fulfill them. When my new blog planner arrived, I had every intention of using it to get ahead on blogging, scheduling posts in advance. Y’all… I have slacked. Take this post, for example. I’ve known I was going to write it for a while and just simply didn’t. It’s now the day I wanted the post to be published and I’m still writing. Setting deadlines for myself hasn’t exactly been the most successful strategy lately. Any pointers?

Two. Sleep. I’m setting a goal to sleep. While sleep is one of my truest loves, it’s something I struggle to do. My body is currently telling me that I need more. I can’t seem to shut my mind off at night, and that results in hours of restless tossing and turning. I’ve got to find a way to overcome that. These headaches and that coffee addiction are ruling me a little too much.

Three. Get my Fitbit back up and running. Y’all, Fitbit was my bff when I was on the wedding diet. I counted steps like a crazy person. My students would fuss at me if they saw me sitting down –  they were some awesome motivators. My energy levels improved and my desire to work out increased. I competed with friends and we held each other accountable. I need to get back into that.

Four. Start up an email list. I’ve heard webinar after webinar discuss the benefits of this type of blog following, but I just haven’t had the discipline or desire to start one up for myself. I know it would help my blog grow and create consistent readers. This might be a two-month goal.

Five. Improve the pictures for this blog. Improve the content for this blog. Yes, I want the pictures to be kicked up a notch (new locations, more specific photography) but I also want the content itself to grow. Outfit posts are much more entertaining when they contain more than just a basic outfit. I feel like January was a small step of progress in that area, and I’m excited for the plans that February holds.

How’s February looking for you, my dear?

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