January ipsy Review

I don’t really hide that makeup isn’t a skill of mine. I can do the basics, sure, but the actual talent that goes behind it? I lack that in spades. That’s part of why I wanted to try ipsy – to learn what I like and what I don’t, and to find reliable companies to lean on. It has been perfect for pushing me beyond the same three items and into the realm of actually having fun with makeup.

Generally speaking, I’ve really enjoyed each of my ipsy bags. I don’t post reviews each month, but that’s more so from lack of time. At $10 a month, this is one of the subscription services I truly believe is worth it. I rarely purchase makeup because it pretty much covers what I need to have. I’ve tried a few products that have become regular features in my lineup, some of these below included!

One. Bahama Mama Bronzer from theBalm Cosmetics. Not my favorite bronzer in the world, but it does the job. I received a blush from this same brand and I think my problem is with the size. I can’t get enough on my brush, and then when I apply it, it splotches. I will say the packaging is awesome. It uses a magnet to stay shut and truly does – it lasts through the tossing and tumbling of my massive teacher purse. Truthfully, I think it’s my brush not the actual quality of the product.

Two. Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paradise Blush. THIS. You know that rosy cheek look that you get after being in the wind or cold for just a touch longer than you should – how natural and bright it looks? That glow it gives you? This shade of blush is that look. It’s been a game changer in my makeup each morning; I’ve loved it from the first application. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.

Three. Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination from It Cosmetics. Again, THIS. It’s highly pigmented, which I love for wiping out the permanent sleep deprived look under my eyes. A little goes a really long way, great for its ability to last. I received medium to try, and while It definitely works to brighten that area, I actually think I’d go with tan next time, especially in the summer. This might be the priciest item in the selection, running around $35, but it’s also probably my favorite. Will definitely be a long term contender for concealer for me!

Four. F.U.N. Lacquer TGIF. While this isn’t at the level of my most beloved OPI or Formula X nail polish, it was better than a lot of the others I tried. The color was more translucent than I expected. I loved rose gold ring that it had a rose gold tint, which paired perfectly with the I wear daily. Definitely up there for the gold nail polishes I’ve tried, but not my absolute favorite.

Five. NOTE Fragrances Pink Peony Eau de Parfum. Not for me. If you like floral, stronger than average scents then you might just love this. But at a price close to $74 for a full-size bottle? There are loads I’d pick over this one. I’m sure it’s perfect for someone else; it’s just not my thing.

The verdict? It Cosmetics does it again with a really great concealer that is certainly worth a try, and I’d venture to say worth the money. Definitely with the money is the Manna Kadar blush – that’s one I can say with quite a bit of surety that I’ll be getting again.

I’d love to hear your favorite products, or if you know of any that can compete with these!

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