July’s Best & August Goals

I had to delete and retype July 3 times because I kept typing June. I actually had this post written and scheduled with the title “July’s Best & June Goals.” That’s the state of mind I am in. How the heck did July end so fast? I might’ve had a minor (major) freak out when I realized I had two weeks before officially having to report back to school. No way am I ready for that, I had too many things planned to do this summer!

All in all, June has been one of my favorite months yet in terms of posts I’ve been proud of.

July’s Best Posts

It is well.

When the Photographer Becomes the Photographed

10 Ways to Get Noticed As a Blogger

26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years

Athleisure and Plaid


IMG_6072Similar Dress // Tote // Jack Rogers // Necklace // Earrings

IMG_6429Shorts // Shoes // Sunglasses // Earrings

IMG_6196Dress // Jack Rogers // Similar Necklace // Similar Clutch


IMG_6465 Necklace // Top // Lilly Pulitzer Wedges // Robert Chou Photography🙂

August Goals

One. Keep up with this momentum. Being able to devote more hours to the blog means more posts, more growth, more interaction, and more progress. School starts this month, which means my time to work on this will be severely limited. I want to go into school with a stock of posts written and ready to publish and a routine in place for social sharing and commenting. We’ll see:)

Two. I’ve mentioned before (a while back) that the husband and I use Blue Apron. We have had so many delicious meals through this service, and I have eaten foods I never thought I would like. It makes a huge difference when I’m cooking it myself. We aren’t getting a box in August due to being busy, but I really want to try my own hand at cooking meals like those without the materials being sent to my door. (If you want a free box, let me know! I can send you one:))

Three. I really want to focus on Pinterest a bit more. I know that could easily be a prime platform for sharing posts and getting traffic, especially for a style blogger, but I’m just not good at utilizing that. It’s by far my lowest number of social follows. We’ll see!

Four. On that note, I’m really close to 1000 Twitter followers. Eeek!:) So, for August, I just want to get there!

Five. Begin school like the #girlboss I know that I can be. I kind of refusing to think about my to-do list when I really should just dive in head first. I know it’ll all get done in time, and I know I’ll be rejuvenated when I start seeing students and getting into my teaching routine… it’s just taking that big step to get there! Any teacher friends with me on that?

Alright August, let’s do this.

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