June’s Best & July Goals

Wait, where did June go? June had to be one of the busiest months for me. The last week of school, a week of painting and cleaning and making at our home, a week in New Orleans, and then a week in Charleston. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all! June has also seen the least amount of posts on Darling, Dearest, for the reasons listed above! I thought during vacation that I could/would work on the blog some, but who was I kidding? I just wanted to be present where I was, not brainstorming and photoshopping and picture-taking. Granted, these trips hopefully have provided exciting content for July and August! I might’ve even convinced my sister to show off a super cute romper for a post:)!

June’s Best:

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The Best Watch AroundGiveaway!!

The Perfect Summer Scarf

Instagram‘s Best:

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July’s Goals

I’m kind of scared to look back at what my goals were for June – I know I didn’t meet them.

One. Write a posting schedule and stick to it. I had this rockin’ during the school year, and the last month or so just blew it. Getting back into the swing of things, actually planning and preparing? I think July can handle that.

Two. Lifestyle and Travel Posts. I think my trips will help with this, but with posting more regular, I want to expand the posting topics. I’ve had such a long list to write for forever… maybe I’ll actually write them now!

Three. Contact local businesses. This is slightly terrifying for me, because it removes a certain level of anonymity between the real me and the blog me. But I would love to feature local businesses, restaurants, shops and more! I live in a tourist town, a town that takes pride in what’s local. I need to use that more!

Four. Find a way to more efficiently regularly read blogs. There are certain blogs I really enjoy reading, and don’t want to miss a post! I used Bloglovin’ to begin with, but after following so many, it takes a bit of time to sort through the ones I want to read. Any pointers here?

Five. Bring Jesus back a little more. He deserves so much more of this blog. Call me out, tell me to write about him. This blog needs it. I need it.

How as your June, friends?

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