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My husband and I have been on a Game of Thrones kick lately. We’ve watched 4 seasons in a week, so I’d say we’re doing pretty well for ourselves. And while there certainly don’t seem to be too many parallels between this storyline and Christianity, I heard one quote during season 1 that lingered.

“You want to lead one day? Then learn how to follow.”

The thing is, it really is that simple.

Part of a life believing in Christ is knowing the joy that comes with his unconditional love. And once you know that joy, you want it to spread desperately. You want all to know it, all to feel it. You want to be an instrument he can use so that others might see him more and know him more.

But, the thing about leading? We are completely incapable of doing that without the most essential part: to first follow.

To follow Jesus would mean to strive to be like him. To strive to be like him would mean to be selfless, giving, nurturing, tender-hearted, passionate, encouraging, forgiving, and outright loving. If anyone were to be all of these things, who wouldn’t fall in line to be like them? If they were genuine, if they were wholeheartedly good, like Christ, who could go against them? Who wouldn’t believe a leader like that, who wouldn’t want to know what makes them that good?

Our faith? It is meant to be those two things personified: following and leading. Christians are meant to be fishers of men, leading others to know Christ. Softening hearts, chipping away so that he can do his best work. And the best way that we can do that, the truest way? By following him. By being as like him as we can be. Fail as we might, it’s the striving and repeated trial that counts.

If we do that, if we constantly try to become better followers, we are being the best leaders we can be.

“Whoever wants to become great must first make himself a servant.”

Matthew 20:26

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