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Shop Local: KT Leigh’s Boutique

If you follow along on my Insta Stories (where I share probably too much of my real life;)), I’ve been raving about this local boutique in Boone for one really big reason. On Monday, I dropped off a few copies of Heartbeat to KT Leigh’s Boutique to sell! ((If you’re new to these woods, Heartbeat is a year long devotional that I wrote! Head here to find out more!))

I originally stopped by because I heard from friends that their clothing was right up my alley. I had also heard that there might be a chance she would be interested in Heartbeat. I was not disappointed on either account!

This little boutique really is kind of perfectly my style. While there were definitely a few statement pieces and dresses perfect for special occasions, there were still loads of dresses and tops great for everyday wear. They’re the kind you reach for time after time, kind of like this dress. And unlike lots of smaller boutiques, the prices were actually in my range. I purchased this and the most comfortable lace bralette (that I’ve been living in), and my total was a little over $40.

You know what makes small businesses ten times better than just what they have to offer? Their ownership. I was floored with how sweet Katie was! How eager she was to hear about Heartbeat, how quick she was to support me, and how excited she was to promote it. It made me want to send allll my friends to shop there right away! Hence this post;).

But really, Boone friends, you know me, and you know I love chatting with you about the local stores in town and the treasures we find there. This little store is a treasure. Non-local friends, it started as an online boutique and that’s fully up and running! Browse through it and support a super sweet business:)!

This dress itself is SUPER soft – that perfect stretchy fabric that lays on you in just the right way. It also has pockets, which is always a win in my book. I was tempted to get it in more than one color! I’m wearing sage here, but it also comes in plum.

love living in Boone, living in a community so supportive of each other. I’m excited to be sharing another small business with you soon, that’ll also have Heartbeat available! Big things, y’all. Big things:)!

Shop the accessories here:

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