The LuLaRoe of Makeup – Younique!

Ok, so I have this friend, Blaire. About two years ago, she started telling me about this mascara. Which was interesting, because it wasn’t like she was known for loving makeup. But this mascara? She lovedddd. And so I gave it a try, and I got it. It made sense – it was worth it.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up at all, but I do wear mascara. It really helps make me look awake and make my eyes pop a bit. It’s the easiest way to take a basic look and give it a fancier touch. The thing about this mascara? It’s in a league of its own.

So here’s the deal with Younique. First of all, it’s an organization of the most empowering, encouraging people ever. I’ve been able to see Blaire interact with other Younique girls and you can tell they are all so passionate about this company and its products. The products themselves follow a stricter standard than products made in the U.S., going with European code. This means that chemicals and ingredients that we allow in our make up that shouldn’t be, Younique stays away from.

What makes this mascara so great? It’s almost as if you’re getting the look of fake lashes without the awkward and uncomfortable application. You start by applying a regular gel – almost like a regular basic mascara. This is more or less the “glue.”

And thennn comes the fibers. These guys make alll the difference! I’ve learned to apply them more so to the tips of my eyelashes, as I like length more than anything else. You follow up with another coat of the gel to get the fibers to stay.

You can even repeat this process for added volume and length. I tend to stick with one coat as that’s the perfect amount of boost for me! The formula for the mascara is hypoallergenic and chemical free – so no worries on what you’re placing so close to your eyes! It’s also ophthalmologist approved!

And while my personal favorite product is the mascara, Younique offers just about any type of makeup product you could want.  I’ve personally tried and love the lip gloss, but there isn’t an item I wouldn’t want to explore! They’ve got loads of gift ideas perfect for stockings and such, like a 3 for $40 lip gloss bundle. If you want to explore some of the products, Blaire has the BEST tutorials on her facebook page. I highly recommend joining and checking them out- if not just to see how awesome she is! She also posts tons of sales, giveaways, and just plain fun activities throughout the year! 

If you purchase a product through this link by Sunday, you’ll be entered into a $20 gift card giveaway! They also currently offer 2-day shipping for $7.95. This is makeup that won’t let you down – quality products and a company worth supporting. You also have the opportunity to round up the cost of your purchase at the end, supporting the Younique Foundation. This foundation works to both support survivors of childhood sexual abuse as well as raise awareness!

Next up on my list to purchase are some of the liquid lipsticks, which all have a blue undertone to help make your teeth appear whiter! What’s on your wishlist?

Feel free to share this post with the man in your life for a little hint-hint, nudge-nudge;)!


*This post is written in collaboration with Blaire, but all opinions are my own!

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