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Making Our Home Baby Ready: Lorena Canals Rugs

For the last three years, our combined families have spent Thanksgiving here at our house. This past year was the first with the addition of grandkids, specifically my favorite little boy human, my nephew, Lincoln. He was only about 6 months old then, but was already playing around and active. I noticed then, and many times since then, that my sister was perpetually carrying around a plush blanket to lay on the ground wherever he went, so that there would be somewhere soft and safe for him to play.

I knew then that our living room needed a rug. I wanted to have a place that, when our little girl was of the age, she would be able to crawl and play on, that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a blanket or playmat out everytime I sat with her on the floor.

Being that our house has a lot of neutral colors, I wanted to stick to that theme. I also wanted something soft, that would be gentle on a baby’s skin. This handmade rug from Lorena Canals ended up being perfect! It gives us a soft ground on the main floor of our house without taking away from the hardwood. Right now, we don’t need lots of room for her on it. When she starts crawling, we can make it more open.

What makes it the most kid-proof though, is the fact that it’s washable! All Lorena Canals rugs are! I mean, grab-it-up-and-toss-it-in-the-machine washable, right at home. If Scarlett is anything at all like me, this will be oh so helpful, as I’m a mess as a grown up, let alone when I was a kid! Lorena Canals also has other home decor items, such as blankets, baskets, and more!

Because this was going in our living room, we picked a style that would work just about anywhere. I almost wish we needed a rug in our nursery because they have the cutest rugs for that type of area! If you had a beachy themed room, then this one would be perfect. This leaf style is very trendy, and this world rug would be perfect for a little explorer! This angel rug could not be more perfect for a nursery; it’s new, or I might’ve been tempted to get it instead anyway!

Scarlett loves using it for tummy time right now, and to sit and play with Mom throughout the day! I’m excited to see how it’ll get used as she grows!


Thank you, Lorena Canals, for providing the rug for this review! All opinions are my own. 




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