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Why I’m NOT Setting Resolutions This Year

This past week, the blogging world has been flooded with posts of resolutions, how-tos for making 2017 the best year yet, and words of wisdom to live up to in the coming year. How to be purposeful, intentional, or in short, a boss. And I’m sure it’s all great and helpful and encouraging.
But truly? You guys, I don’t buy in.

I know this is a time for new beginnings. I know this is a time to reenergize and restart. I wrote a devotional intended to start at the dawn of a new year. But right now?
I can’t even think that far ahead. 
How am I supposed to plot out my year, make expectations for myself, when I don’t even know exactly where I am?
That’s a lie. I know where I am. I’m at day-by-day. I’m at baby steps. I’m not at grand master plan.
So 2017? Sure. I’d love to lose weight, I’d love for my social media or blog to explode with growth, I’d love to really, really be able to write. And I’d love to see Heartbeat do well.
But I’m not making my own goals for that. I’m not expecting a big and drastic change to take place this Sunday. I’m not going to set them for 2017. Goals didn’t serve me too well in 2016. I didn’t reach any of them the way I originally intended to.
What did serve me well? Work. Dedication. And the knowledge that any goal I set for myself is just a taste of God has in store. It’s like binoculars. Goals might keep me focused, they might narrow my perspective into what I need to see, but they limit me from seeing the entire picture.
That’s what 2016 taught me, and that’s where I am. Relinquishing control of my plans, or at least trying my darndest to. Wholeheartedly admitting that I’ll fail at that often. But any personal goal I have will just pale in comparison to what he can push me to do.
Yes, reflection is beneficial. It’s a necessary step of the process. As is moving forward, as is wanting growth. So I’m going to want it, and I’m going to keep doing my baby-step thing, and I’m going to pray fiercely that I’m in his hands, not my own.
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