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My favorite color was green even before it became my last name.

I love the color green. I always have. Maybe because it’s my moms favorite, maybe because my eyes are green, or maybe because it was my own kind of foreshadowing that it would one day be my last name!
And I know the older you get, the less prominent, or maybe simply less important, your favorite color becomes. But one look at my closet (especially during fall and winter) and it’s easy to see that green remains the number one choice.  I gravitate toward this color; it’s just so comfortable and homey. 




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On another note, this shirt itself is also incredibly comfortable. It stretches so easily, but doesn’t give that stretched out appearance. Even though it’s pretty new,  I can already tell that it will be my go to for a pair of jeans. With white pants though, it’s dressy enough to pull off at school! This shirt is also very similar. 
You’ll hear me mention Boone Belles often and it’s because I  just love that store. It’s always a bad idea walking in, because I’m guaranteed to walk out with a bag. I bought these pants there and were only $15! They don’t sell them online, but I linked similar pairs below! The coach bag is a year old and came from the Coach Outlet close by. Camel colored bags are common [because they match pretty much everything], so I love that this one has two other neutral colors with it that make it slightly different. I’ve linked other unique neutral bags below, all of which would still match most outfits. [I LOVE this one so much, and this one is very similar to my bag.]
Can I just say that churches are some of the most beautiful buildings around? I mean it makes sense, you go to a beautiful place to worship a beautiful thing. I just didn’t realize that Greensboro has such pretty places in the heart of downtown. 


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