The Peace We Desperately Crave

When I don’t necessarily know what to write, I try to analyze myself. I try to remove myself from my heart and find out what emotions I’m facing, what I seem to be craving. Ironically, it always seems to draw me nearer to my heart in the long run.

This week? I want peace. I need peace. I feel restless in the silliest or most inconsequential of situations. I feel anxious endlessly. I have a list of things to do, and no motivation to get them done. I continue to get things done, and continue to add to that list. It’s cyclical.

And this unease I feel? It boils down to a sense of peace.

“It’s not the world’s peace I speak of, Hadassah. but God’s.” – A Voice in the Wind, Francine Rivers

I keep trying to find peace as a state of being. A level of calm that I just have to reach – an absence of worry or anxiety.

But that isn’t peace. 

That’s the world’s peace, not my Lord’s peace. His doesn’t come with freedom from troubles or things that would cause you to worry. His doesn’t come as a forced state you can convince yourself to be in. It is a peace you have to seek, but it is so easily found in Him.

His peace cures more than just worry. His peace cures pain, and frustration, and doubt. His peace cures. It isn’t something to transition into and out of, it is lasting and powerful. It is something that you can’t just have once and then let it be taken away. It will change you. It will change the circumstances you are in and your outlook on them. His peace heals.

His peace is overlooked. Because it isn’t an immediate resolution or a means of solving a problem. It is an acceptance of the problem and a trust in a plan bigger than what you may face. It’s a peace you can’t give or get to yourself; it’s a peace you must succumb to.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, for he trusts in you.”

Isaiah 26:3 MEV

The ISV version translates this to “because he remains in you.” Trusting in the Lord, remaining in the Lord, they are synonymous. They are one in the same – in order to do one, you must do the other. And by doing so, you find His peace.

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