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Perfect Dresses for a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is in full force! Next to Christmastime, this is Hallmark’s greatest time of the year with all the June wedding movies. Anyone else complete suckers for those Hallmark movies? Who doesn’t love a happily ever after:)?!

Depending on your role in the wedding, often times you need one or multiple outfits to encompass all the events. Pictures will most definitely be taken, and you want to make sure you look your best! While the location and time of the wedding greatly help to determine what to wear, there are some basic dresses handy to have as great go-tos.

Now, the top floral lace dress might be my favorite of the collection, but I’d probably lean toward one of the bottom left two. You can’t go wrong with light pastels or bright and bold colors – a wedding is the perfect excuse to be a little more colorful than normal. I don’t think I need to say this, but the one color that’s majorly taboo is white. Never wear white… duh.

The light blue romper and blue jumpsuit are certainly the most different pieces, but both completely acceptable at a wedding. The cobalt jumpsuit is dressy enough for a 5 or later affair, but still looks to be super comfortable and very slimming. The romper has the loveliest back I think I’ve ever seen, and makes me want it just for everyday wear!

Outdoor weddings always make me want to pull out the cowgirl boots, but a good pair of nude or gold heels are pretty safe and classic shoes for a wedding.

I’d love to know your go-to’s for weddings this time of the year!

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