Pregnancy So Far: 20 Week Bumpdate

You can read my first-trimester bumpdate here


 Wait, come again? How in the world is half of my pregnancy already over?! I feel the idea of trying to get pregnant was yesterday, let alone all of the journey we’ve experienced so far! I know that I am so, so fortunate for having a fairly easy pregnancy thus far. I’m counting my blessings, no doubt!

As of yesterday, I’m officially 20 weeks. We also got to see her in an ultrasound. Every time we see or hear her, it’s a bit more of a relief. The first time was certainly special, but it’s almost as if each time since then, she has more of an identity to me, and hearing her heartbeat is even more realistic.

The question I get asked most often (15 times a day): How are you feeling? Overall, not bad. My back has just started to hurt and I’m definitely feeling more aches and pains. Sleep is becoming a bit more difficult and I’m congested 24/7. But I’m not sick or nauseous, and other iffy symptoms have passed! I know that what I’m feeling is just a fraction of what it could be, and am so thankful! 

How big is baby: She’s about the size of a banana. She’d weigh in at 11oz, and is about 10 inches from head to toe! Seeing the ultrasound, where her head is and where her feet are – she’s so much bigger than I expected!

How big is Mommy? I’ve gained roughly 7 pounds so far. For the first time ever, I LOVE looking in the mirror. Sometimes I’ll just stand there and stare at my stomach for minutes on end… no shame. It just makes me so happy, knowing that I’m looking at her! 

Cravings? Food, period. I’m hungry pretty much all of the time right now. Nothing in particular is what I’d call a craving, but when something sounds good, I feel like I have to have it. I’ve had a pretty bad sweet tooth lately so I’m really trying to curb that and reach for snacks that aren’t quite as sugary! Cheese has also been the holy grail for me this entire pregnancy. I’m feeling a bit like college Emily, wanting bagel bites and pasta for every meal. 

Have you felt her? Yes! At least, I’m pretty positive I’ve felt little things on the inside of my belly once every couple of days. It felt like a coin rolling or just a gentle touch. Could be nothing, but I’m guessing it’s her. Now that I know how big she is, I’m thinking I’ve been feeling pressure from her… just didn’t know it was her! She’s breech, which means her feet are at the bottom of my stomach. That pressure, I feel!

What’s left to do before she comes? Big time nursery decorating, which I’ll begin sharing next week! I’m also trying to rest and read and relax as much as I can, knowing that’ll change once she arrives. I’ve pretty much finished the registries, but seem to add and take things away from it daily! 

Planning a Babymoon? I don’t think Brett and I will actually have a getaway, but we might try to have a stay-cation! The catch will be putting the baby plans on hold and just enjoying time with each other instead. 

So far, I really do love being pregnant. I love seeing my belly grow, I love knowing it’s her, I even love the quirks that come with it. There are times when I’m frustrated with my size or my body, no doubt. But most often, it’s just pure joy! Fingers crossed that this weekend we might finally get to take some maternity style pictures!


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