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Pregnancy So Far: The First Trimester

To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in these types of posts until I was pregnant myself and wanted to read about the experience of other girls. Then, I couldn’t get enough of them!

These are the questions I get asked pretty regularly and cover most of how I felt the first trimester. I’m happy to move into the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy and see what awaits! I’m also happy that this little girl is finally showing a bit more!

First ultrasound, week 9.

1. How have you felt so far? I’ve been super fortunate for the most part! I’m hoping this will pass soon, but so far I’ve just been TIRED. All the time, tired. Any type of event zaps my energy and leaves me feeling under the weather. I haven’t had bad morning sickness (except for week 6, which happened to be when on a 3-day field trip, and a few days here and there) so have been very lucky there. However, when I’m hungry, it’s like physically painful. There’s no build up, as soon as I feel hungry I need to eat. And while I get carsick normally, it’s in a whole new ballpark now. Cars and trips are the enemy.

2. How are you eating? For the first trimester, I wasn’t super hungry. So far I haven’t gained any more than about a pound, and that’s all been since trimester 2 started. I did learn quickly to always keep food on my stomach. That’s almost been one of the hardest parts – I typically love food but for the entire first part, food never really sounds good. When something does, my husband and I go out of our way to get it if it means I’ll actually eat a full meal.

A four-generation picture! We found out the day before, and had just told our families.

3. Cravings or Aversions? I haven’t had any super strong cravings yet. I have, however, had a few strong aversions. I can’t stand the thought of Zucchini right now, and I used to like it. Squash is a no-no too. One of the first signs I was pregnant was the fact that I didn’t want any coffee, which you guys know is huge for me. I haven’t really wanted it since then (switching to hot chocolate and the occasional sweet tea for a pick-me-up). I also gag at the most random things, and brushing my teeth is my least favorite times of the day. Cravings and aversions go hand in hand, and this article gives a bit more info about them!

4. Was this planned? Yes, in a way. When we got married, our benchmark was to start having kids around 3 years later, when 27 or 28. Ironically, that’s exactly what we will be. We expected to have to try for months based on my body, but were thrilled that we didn’t have to try long!

5. How did you tell Brett? I wish I had a really romantic story for you. I was SO eagerly awaiting taking the first test and ordered a box of the cheap kind on Amazon. They had just come in the mail and Brett knew I was expecting them. I was supposed to wait a few more days to take a test… but was just way too impatient! When a faint second pink line started appearing, I started freaking out. I actually took a video of myself so I could capture that moment too! I pretty much RAN to my car and drove straight to a Carter’s to try to find something to give to Brett when he got home. I also wanted something to give to our parents and my sister. Finding something for Brett was difficult, but I settled on cute little socks. I took another nicer test when I got home that actually says the word “Pregnant” for a little more confirmation. I put the socks in an envelope that said “Open Me” and taped it to our front door. When he walked up, I was standing behind it with a camera, filming, I opened the door as he opened the envelope and handed him the pregnancy test at the same time. I think he knew it was coming, but it still was a celebratory moment. Surreal, no doubt!

Keeping this secret for two months wasn’t the easiest! Our family had a hard time too – they were thrown to the wolves with a football game the day after they found out!

6. What’s been the most exciting part so far? Finding out the gender, no doubt! We found out around 11 and 1/2 weeks, so much earlier than we thought we could. I cried the most finding out it was a little girl. It gave her an identity and made it seem so much more real.

7. Did you have a feeling about the gender? Honestly, no. Brett kind of thought it would be a girl, but I had absolutely no idea. We knew we didn’t want to find out at a gender reveal party, as I really wanted time to process it before being faced with others. I’m glad we found out first on our own and had a little secret to ourselves! We told our family the day after we found out we were pregnant, so having this as a secret was fun.

8. What’s been the hardest part so far? I think a lot of little things combine to make the hard parts. For instance, I didn’t sleep particularly well most of the first trimester (due to 101 trips to the bathroom and always being afraid I’m doing something wrong for the baby) and also have CRAZY vivid dreams at night. That made my already exhausted body even more tired. Learning to balance the activity I’m used to and what I can now do has been a little bit of a challenge. I also can’t stay up late at all which has rocked my blogging schedule. I used to write till well past 11 and sometimes 12. My bedtime has moved up a solid 2 hours.

Week 12 exactly, we had just found out a few days before that she’s a she!

I can’t really put into words the joy we’ve been feeling. You guys know how much I love my nephew, and to know that I’m about to love another baby even more? My heart might just burst. I’m so eager for it to be May, but I’m also wanting to soak up every single day of this pregnant phase as well:)



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