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Pregnancy So Far: The Second Trimester

What the whaaaaaat? How are Little Girl and I already into the last leg of this?! When I think about the date I’m due (May 31st), I still feel like I have a while to go. But then when I think about the fact that it’s only 12 weeks, or that we are in the last leg… that blows my mind!

The second trimester had a few more ups and downs than I expected, but I’m still enjoying every minute. I could talk about pregnancy and her all day, every day, and am so thankful that I’m surrounded by friends and family that let me indulge!

You can read our first-trimester bumpdate here, and the 20-week point here.

How are you feeling? For the most part, just tired. I went through a 2-3 week spell where I was nauseous a good bit, especially at night. My back has hurt more in the last couple of weeks than it has in the rest of pregnancy, especially after long days. I’m still mostly in good spirits and not too emotional, although I cry at the drop of a hat right now. Brett thinks that’s quite amusing… much to my chagrin.

How are you sleeping? Ehhhh. I know I’m sleeping better now than I will be. It isn’t always easy to get comfortable, but I still seem to fall asleep decently fast, thanks to being so tired. The catch is not to wake up to have to pee every 30 minutes. It’s absolutely ridiculous how many times I have to go in a day, and again, I know that’s going to increase! She’s also starting to be a bit uncomfortable when laying down. I’ve started getting into bed earlier and earlier because it’s just much more comfortable than any other chair or sofa.

How big is baby? Little Girl is over 2 pounds! She’s about 15 inches long, and pretty proportionate to what she’ll be in the real world too. She can hear, open her eyes, grip, and possibly dream!

Cravings or Aversions? Ummm yes. I drink chocolate milk like it’s my job, and I’ve wanted hot dogs lately an unnatural amount… especially because I don’t tend to want them… like, ever. I’ve had the BIGGEST sweet tooth this trimester, and haven’t been the best at curbing that like I should. I’ve also finally wanted coffee again and have started working decaf into the mix.

How’s your weight gain? I started off not gaining almost anything, and then that definitely changed once food became something I wanted again. I’ve added about 18 pounds, but thankfully it’s all been between my neck and knees. I don’t feel like I’ve swollen up like a balloon, and my face still looks the same – something I was unnecessarily worried about. My target weight gain is 25-35 pounds, so I’m not too far off track on that.

How’s the dad to be? Anxious! I don’t get to be around her all day, every day, like Emily does. After we got the nursery mostly ready in January it’s been a waiting game for me! I just can’t wait for that moment where Emily and I both meet her and hold her.

What’s been the most exciting part so far? Feeling her move. I love feeling her, and soak it up every single day. I also love other people feeling her; their reactions are something I’ll treasure!

What’s been the hardest part so far? Picking a name. I care way too much about what other people think, which is the main reason why we aren’t sharing her name until she’s born. We debated a few,  had about 3-4 serious contenders and one big runner-up. We also had a hard time with middle names.


For any mamas out there, I’d love to know your favorite part of pregnancy too! It’s been so enjoyable to hear from others throughout all this! Keep in mind, you can follow along on our nursery progress here. It’s at a standstill until we purchase a bit more, but still coming along!

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