Pregnancy So Far: 34 Week Bumpdate

For most of the pregnancy, I believe I’ve been sharing updates roughly every 6-8 weeks. You can check out the 1st trimester here, 20 week here, and 2nd trimester (28 week) here. Being that the next one would be after Little Girl is born – wait, what?!! – I figured this would be a good time for another! For other mamas, head here to read all about the third trimester and what to expect!

This trimester started off one way and has kind of molded to another as I creep farther into the 30s. Between crazy backaches, episodes of super swollen-ness, and then being flat-out sick with a sore throat for an entire week, its been some of the toughest weeks so far. My rather large appetite from the second trimester has taken a load off lately and I haven’t really gained weight in the last 4-5 weeks.

While I, myself, haven’t gained much, I’m pretty sure Little Girl has. I feel her presence constantly; she’s definitely running out of room! It often feels like she’s trying to bust out – stretching like a cat against my sides. It’s a lot less of a kicking sensation and a whole lot more of a rolling movement.  She’s still pretty active, and I know I’m going to miss that so soon.

How are you feeling? I’ve covered that a bit already, but I’ve also had some heartburn sneak up on me. It feels like a stereotypical pregnancy – I feel big, uncomfortable, excited, and anxious.

How are you sleeping? I’ve heard so many times that the last little bit of pregnancy is preparing you for the sleepless nights you’re about to have with a newborn, and I fully believe that. You’re trying to sleep with a basketball that pokes you attached to your belly. There is no comfortable position. I’ve woken up in tears just because my back hurts so bad. And let’s not even go into the congestion that comes with it, that’s great for a good nights sleep too.

Cravings? I’ve wanted Cookout a ton lately – cheese quesadillas, cajun fries, milkshakes for the win! I’ve also wanted cantaloupe. And still cheese, allll the cheese. Cheese has definitely been what I’ve wanted the most this entire pregnancy. She’s still a fan of sweets, so this mama is all for the dessert menu everywhere we go!

How are you measuring / how big do they think she’ll be? Of course, you don’t really know anything for certain. She’s been measuring anywhere from right on time to a week early at different doctor appointments. They also expect her to be average sized, between 6-7 lbs. I am perfectly happy with a baby that size:)

Are you ready for her? Almost! I used a few gift cards we were graciously given to purchase the last of the must-have items we needed to ease my anxious heart. I’ve got a few collaborations in the works that’ll help us both set up the nursery while promoting some awesome companies, so I’m excited for that.  We still need some of the decor finished and what not, but it’ll be livable for her super soon.

Are you ready to be a mom? Ha. That’s a good one. I know I’ll be fine. I know it’ll all work out. There’s nothing that anyone, including myself, can say that will make me feel ready for that, though. I’m terrified, but I think that’s completely natural. I should be terrified – there’s about to be a delicate life that is placed in my hands.

How’s the dad-to-be? Busy! My work as a DECA Advisor for the school year (and forever) is about to come to an end.  Our golf season will finish up next week as well. (Sidenote from Emily: In case you haven’t heard, Brett’s resigning from teaching at the end of this school year. Definitely not an easy decision, but one we are looking forward to with the possibilities it presents for our family!) This has been the busiest season of my life and I think it is definitely helping to prepare me for what is soon to come.  Still incredibly anxious to meet my daughter (that’s still weird to say) and become a family of three.  Also, I love my beautiful baby mama more and more each day.  She has been amazing and I can’t wait to see her begin motherhood with our little girl!

Any plans before she comes? Like Brett mentioned, this has been a crazy busy spring. That boy works most days till 10 o’clock (including weekends) between his three jobs (teacher, golf coach, appraiser) and that doesn’t include the multiple DECA field trips he takes in the spring. With his schedule and mine – trying to get the house ready, get prepared for and school I might miss, and rest as needed to combat sickness – we haven’t had much us-time. We’re planning on spending the first weekend of May on a complete stay-cation. No planning with others, just us. I think that’ll be a perfect way to ring in being full-term and ready for Little Girl’s arrival:).

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