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Preparing for Post-Baby

My mom had me at 37 weeks. She had my sister at 38 weeks. My sister had her son at 39 weeks. It hit me this past weekend that in two and a half weeks, my little girl could very well be on her way.

Y’all. That is one of the most exciting, terrifying, and anxiety-inducing realizations possible!

… That realization also has me in get-stuff-done mode, both at work and at home. I’m doing my best to get allllll my lesson plans done for every day through the end of the year- which is difficult when you work with 10 – TEN – different grade levels, and have 8-10 different classes/preps every single day. I walked into my principals office with end-of-year awards today; it’s just little things like that, that are taking a weight off.

Brett and I are also getting the home ready (as you can see from our nursery post last week! My hospital bag is packed and my clothes needed are in a pile ready to grab. Her diaper bag is packed. Her nursery should be done this weekend, minus a crib mattress we’re waiting on. Allll the checks for these things, which feels dang good.

I’m now trying to also think about the weeks after – what type of food is easy to have on stock, what else can I buy or prepare ahead of time to make that transition easier. I’m working on cleaning out a cabinet in the kitchen to store bottles and bottle supplies, formula, etc.

And as icing on the cake, I’m trying to prepare for myself and my body and what to expect as it readjusts. Most of the clothing I’m looking into right now has got to be loose enough for whatever my post-baby body will look like, and definitely hits bonus points if it is nursing friendly. That’s what drew me to this one – it matches the nursery, fits my maternity body, and is nursing-ready. I like that, even with a v-neck, I don’t feel like it’s revealing.

This is another find from Pink Blush, and coincides great with my nursing-friendly dress from earlier this year. They’ve got this style in loads of colors and prints. It’s perfectly springy, which helps in this dull and dreary weather we keep having. I’m biased to liking the rain though, as it’s helping me finally get a little bit of sleep!

I’m sure I’ll think of a million more things to cross off before Little Girl comes, but here’s to taking it day by day, soaking up these moments, and taming that anxiousness for her arrival!

This top was provided to me by Pink Blush, but all opinions are my own! 


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