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Project Nursery: Stage 1

Alright, first things first, don’t judge me for the status of the nursery in these pictures. It has a long way to go. But, for the most part, the furniture is built and in there! Be sure to check out the first post in this series to kind of see where I’m hoping to head with all this!

It’s kind of at a frustrating stage. I kept thinking that I just needed to get some of the furniture in there for it to feel more cohesive and at least on the right track. But now that it’s there, it looks nothing like what I want it to become. I know there are a few things still missing, like a glider that will add a homey feel, and I know quite a few things need to change color, like the futon and a blanket rack. I’m hoping that those simple steps will also go a long way in making it feel a bit more like what I’m imagining.

nursery redesign stage 1

As far as decor goes, I haven’t gotten close to starting on that. The slanted walls are becoming a bit more difficult than the husband and I thought they would be! I’m hoping to make use of the space above her crib in a creative way. I’ve also recently settled in on some curtains that I think will add a good bit, working in the shades of forest and olive green. Throw in a few floating shelves in some places, and I think it’ll get closer to what I want.

The space above her dresser/changing table is looking like it’ll be a gallery wall. I have a few scripture prints and watercolor artwork pieces I want to hang there. I think that’ll be my first project, as I can wrap my mind around it a bit more than I can other decor items.

nursery redesign stage 1

One of the only decor pieces we’ve added so far is the little elephant pictured on the dresser above. It isn’t in its final location, but it’s placed in the room. My grandfather made that for my sister and I when we were little girls, and it just feels so fitting to have something he made already in there. It hurts my heart so much to know he won’t get to meet her, but I love knowing that he still gets to watch her grow up. I’m hoping that most of the decor for the room ends up being handmade rather than store bought. 

nursery redesign stage 1

We’ve been pretty fortunate so far, as all we’ve bought for the nursery is the rug and dresser. The crib was a gift, and all the other pieces are things we either already owned, happened upon through one of my sister’s real estate clients, or were given from my childhood home. This little setup has been rearranged no less than 15 times already (I wish that was an exaggeration) and I’m sure it will be changed quite a bit more before we’re through!

Fun Fact: The color of the paint is called “snowed in,” which Brett and I painted on a snow day:). We thought it would be fitting, for all the snow days she’ll be spending in there!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the smaller decor projects as they get finished (and started…:)) Feel FREE to give me ideas for this space! I could use all the encouragement and tips I can get right now… imagining is one thing, but decorating and designing is quite the challenge!

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