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Project Nursery: The Artwork

The Minted artwork in this post was provided to me for review purposes, and the links below may be affiliate links, meaning I may make a commision from a purchase. All purchases help keep this blog (and nursery!) going! I 100% guarantee, all opinions are my own! 

For the longest time, I just didn’t feel like the nursery was coming together. We had a good bit of the furniture in the room, but that apparently wasn’t doing the trick. It took me looking at quite a few pictures of nurseries on Pinterest to realize that what I really needed to make it feel the way I wanted it to was decor.

It seems like on every other picture of a nursery, you’ll see prints of baby animals. I liked the idea of them so much but didn’t want the nursery to have a “trendy” vibe. We really just wanted the nursery to be that secret garden, with a light and airy, rustic/romantic feel. We wanted to combine florals with woodsy elements, and figured that these animals would be a good way of doing so.

We wanted to be really intentional about the animals we selected as we wanted her to be able to see them in real life too – they had to be native Boone animals. I’ve seen so many baby animal prints, but these from Minted won me over for a little girl’s nursery thanks to the blushy pink cheeks. It’s like they were made to fit our room! They already go a long way to make that side of the room feel more ready, I just can’t wait to see them after the futon gets covered and pillows added! (When writing this, I’ve already noticed that new prints have been added! They now have a wolf that we NEED!)

Deer are by far the most prevalent animal in the nursery right now, but that’s because we see them daily at our house. I cannot wait for the day she starts putting that connection together and gets as excited as I do to see them. This small deer print above will eventually find it’s home on a shelf above/close to the crib, along with a bunny print.

So, many of you know, we played around with the setup of the nursery time and time again before getting it how we wanted it! The teepee is definitely a star of the room, but is quite large and awkward to plan around! Brett wanted to fold it up and pull out as needed – I wasn’t ok with that:). We ultimately went with the layout you see above and below because it allowed for a spot for my desk. While the desk isn’t necessary, there isn’t anywhere else in our house for it. We chose this mountain watercolor print to go above it because it both perfectly fits the color scheme of the room and adds to that dreamy, mountainy vibe.

Ordering prints online can always be iffy – especially if they come rolled. I feel like it’s impossible to straighten them out again after that! Each of these Minted prints were mailed in their own individual package, so securely wrapped. That made hanging them a sinch for Brett and I. We chose to order most of them with frames to take one thing off our never-ending to-do list right now. I love the frame for our larger mountain print – it sets it apart just enough that it’s perfectly fine as the only decor on that wall.

For the animal prints, we kept it rustic with a white-washed frame. These just so happened to match a frame that a student gave me with a print she made! They fit the little animals so well:). Brett and I might’ve taken the time to name the animals as they were hung, so I can’t wait to share that with her too!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Minted twice before, for baby shower invites and wedding websites. Their art category deserves no less credit! As each piece is a print of handmade art, you also receive information about the artist that created them.

The nursery decor still has a little bit to go, but these prints go so far in giving the room personality. I selfishly can’t wait to show you what they’ll look like once we finish the rest of it – which will hopefully be soon!

Check out the start of the nursery design process with the idea post here, and the stage 1 post here!



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