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Scarlett’s Eight Month Update

You guys, I think I’m going to be repeating myself each update – this past month has been my favorite yet. The more she becomes her own little person, the more enjoyable it is to be her mom.

This past month was really special for her and Brett. Thanks to snow storms and the holidays, Scarlett got to spend a lot of time with him. I’m pretty sure she feels almost as comfortable around him as she does me, which is impressive with her being with me alllll the time.

She was wonderful for the holidays, and while we didn’t have to travel, we stayed active in town. Her schedule was somewhat out of wack and she amazed us with her ability to adapt. Unfortunately, we did have to re-sleep train her (on New Year’s Eve), but one night seemed to do the trick.

I’m looking forward to down the road with a second child, being able to look back on these posts and compare their personalities. Just the other day, my mother and I watched videos of my nephew at this age, to see how similar he is to Scarlett. Truthfully, I write these for me. For Brett and I to remember these days with Scarlett! It’s my own form of a baby book:).

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How She Has Grown/Milestones: Normally, I move this to later in the update posts, but because she’s had so many this month, it’s coming first! About halfway through month seven, Scarlett started crawling. Since then, she seems to be unstoppable! She can pull herself up on just about anything, or at least tries to find a way to. She’s started walking along furniture just recently. She’s eating solids 3 times a day, and has started dabbling in non-pureed solids. She’s babbling up a storm! I think she weighs between 16.5 and 17 pounds, but definitely feels heavier most days, ha.

Scarlett’s Likes: She loves Mama and Dada very much. She’s kind of obsessed with Pippa, and wants to chase her every time she sees her. She likes most of her toys, but nothing really holds her attention for more than a few minutes. She’s hooked on cords, papers, and pretty much anything she shouldn’t grab. She loves to be active, which we knew from the get-go!

Scarlett’s Dislikes: She definitely has started having somewhat of a temper. If we take away something she wants, or she can’t seem to get to something, she’s quick to fuss. She’s still not an independent player – she wants someone with her at all times.

Hardest Part of the Month: It’s funny, in the beginning, this was one of the easiest sections to write. Now, I have to think long and hard on what’s the hardest. I think the crying that came back around fighting naps and sleep was the hardest for me.

Best Part of the Month: Ohhh the giggles and smiles. She’s such a happy girl at home, most of the time! Out in public, she’s incredibly shy and rarely doles out those smiles even still. But at home? If we’re giving her attention, she’s generally a bundle of joy! We’ve loved seeing how crawling and being mobile has changed her.

What We are Most Looking Forward to: If each new month is my new favorite, I just can’t wait for more!

1 month // 2 months // 3 months // 4 months // 5 months // 6 months // 7 months

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