Scarlett’s Eleven Month Update

Not going to lie y’all, 11 months isn’t all too exciting to me. It’s just like she’s almost a year. She’s definitely acting more and more like a toddler every day, complete with all the necessary battles😳😂. I’m already adjusting to picking what I want to fight with her and what to just cave in and let her play with. No surprise, given how she’s acted for the first 11 months, but this little girl is stubbborrrnn.

She can be the biggest sweetheart, though, you guys. She loves to snuggle up with us, and is still a huge mamas girl. She wants to be picked up constantly still, and I love that she loves us.

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Scarlett’s likes: She loves her family, bananas, and pancakes. She’s the wiggliest kid ever and I’m terrified of how active she’ll be as she gets older. She does. not. sit. still. She loves things like blocks, easter eggs, and cups to play with. She points at everythingggg and loves to wave hey and bye, and can say both of those. She’s also finally starting to have an interest in books! She loveeesss any book that makes sound right now. She also loves all animals, and desperately wants Pippa to be her best friend (which Pip is NOT down for😂🙅🏼‍♀️).

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Scarlett’s dislikes: Things not going her way, ha. She puts up a pretty good fight when we stop her from doing something or take something away. Girl might be an actor one day, cause she can turn on the tears like whoa. She also dislikes a ton of solid foods, still only eating a few things when she wants to. We’re getting better at this, though, and just constantly trying!

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Hardest Part of the month: Probably the feistiness. There are some days where she’s as happy as can be, but others where I can’t seem to figure out what she wants and she’s just plum fussy all day long. It’s left me exhausted more than a few times.

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Best part of the month: Mama went on a getaway and Scarlett did AWESOME. She still clings to me, but she does so much better away from me now than she used to. When she’s happy, it’s the greatest thing in the world and I can’t get enough.

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How she had grown/milestones: Scarlett has mastered a few words, including mama, dada, up, and sometimes cat/pippa. I kind of consider “up” her first word; it’s the first she’s mastered the meaning and pronunciation of. Mama and dada can still sometimes just be sounds to represent a whole world of things. She can also understand more, like “fox” and some of the animals in her room. She can stand up without holding onto anything, and has taken a few steps but I wouldn’t consider them her first steps. She’s so close, though! It amazes me how she can communicate with me now, and can clearly let me know when she wants particular things. She’s just shy of 18 pounds, and is firmly in 12 month clothing😭. We can now shop in the toddler section of stores, and that’s both exciting and sad!

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What we are most looking forward to: I’m both nervous and anxious for her to start walking. I think I’m most excited about her learning more words, though. I love hearing her talk and seeing her understand it!

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