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Scarlett’s Five Month Update

Y’all, this month was a whirlwind! Her fifth month was arguably my favorite yet! As many of you know, we decided to sleep train at the beginning of this month and that was a complete game-changer for us. Scarlett, for the most part, wakes up 1-3 times per night. It isn’t exactly consistent, so I don’t think it’s just habitual – I think she’s actually hungry during those times. Brett and I have gotten a little bit of freedom back after she goes to bed, and that is a complete blessing.

I’ve officially gotten Scarlett on a pretty set schedule. She takes 4 naps a day, and operates on the eat-play-sleep routine. It’s made it both easier and harder to work around. Easier as I have a better idea of when errands are possible, etc. Harder, as naps are best spent either in the car or in the crib – which means I have to be in either of those locations for each naptime. We’re making it work, though!

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Scarlett’s Likes: This little girl wants to be on the go! She loves to stand. She’s obsessed with putting everything in her mouth, including her feet. She’s become a bit attached to Mom and Dad, especially Mom, what with spending allll day together. She’s also started playing with toys a bit more, and still loves the baby in the mirror!

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Sitting down! As of right now she doesn’t like solid food pretty much at all. She also doesn’t like to be tired, but that’s nothing new. She’s just very stubborn – she wants what she wants when she wants it, and what she doesn’t want, she doesn’t want. She rolls over all the time, but still doesn’t love to be on her belly unless it’s to sleep.

Hardest Part of the Month: The tears that came with sleep training were pretty rough, but the pay off was worth it. To be honest, the hardest part has been the debate of bottle or breastfeed. Scarlett decided to let us start giving her a bottle, but she’s still selective as to when and who. I have the best luck, but it doesn’t really help if I can give her a bottle. We could go cold turkey and give her only bottles, but after fighting so hard and so long to breastfeed, I now cherish that time so much. I’m not emotionally ready to give it up!

Best Part of the Month: The snuggles and smiles! She just loves Brett and me, and we love that. She hunts us out in rooms, and her eyes rarely leave Mom when someone else is holding her. Getting to be on the receiving end of one of her hard-earned smiles is the best. She doesn’t dole out giggles very often, but getting those is also the sweetest thing!

How She Has Grown/Milestones: She’s started on solid foods, without much luck. She’s about 14.5 pounds and is getting stronger by the day. She’s started this worm-like wiggle and can move herself across rugs on the floor, so I feel like she’ll be crawling by the end of this month. This month, she also started rolling over every which way. It amazes me how much she can move in her crib each night!

What We are Most Looking Forward to: Brett’s looking forward to crawling, which personally scares me! I’m looking forward to more interaction in the play-time phase of our days. She still needs me to occupy her a lot, and we spend a good bit of time killing time to keep her happy, whether by walking around or swinging. I’m ready for that happy medium of independent play and parent-led play!


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