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Scarlett’s Nine Month Update

Funny, for month 8’s update, I had a difficult time thinking of what the hardest part of the month was. That is SO not the case with this past month. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still loving the growth she’s making and how she’s changing, but she spent a solid chunk of the last month sick. Any parent can tell you, sick babies suck. We had to stay in a lot because of that, so I’ve started becoming kind of stir crazy. It does her good to get out, too, so we are really looking forward to feeling better and warmer days!

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Scarlett’s Likes: She’s starting to show favoritism to some toys, specifically things she can carry around with her when she crawls. She LOVES to pull up on every single thing, she loves yogurt melts, cheerios and puffs, and she loves water bottles. She’d chase Pippa all day if she could. She’s a big fan of grocery shopping, and loves playing hide and seek around things like the kitchen island. She also still loves mama more than anything, and is daddy’s biggest fan.

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Basically any solid food other than the three mentioned above. We keep trying, but she seems to only like things that aren’t squishy or gooey. She hatessss the nose sucker (what kid wouldn’t?) and hates getting medicine too. She can throw quite the tantrum (already?!?) when we take away a toy she wants or move her from something she shouldn’t be doing. I’m a little intimidated by the toddler days with that, ha!

Hardest Part of the Month: The sicknesses. I spent a few nights holding her for hours while she slept because she wouldn’t sleep without me. She was miserable for a few days straight, and we had to throw our schedule out the window (which I’m not good at 🤷🏼‍♀️). Her stuffy nose is the most pitiful thing and it’s holding on with a vengeance.

Best Part of the Month: The smiles, I’d say. She just looks at me and smiles sometimes, especially right after I feed her or she takes a nap. It. Melts. My. Heart. She also was super snuggly due to the sicknesses, and while the clinginess is difficult to work around, gahhhh it feels so good to be loved.

How she has grown: When she wasn’t sick, this month brought about the first time she would sleep through the night somewhat regularly (about 50% of the time). She hasn’t hit any new big milestones this month, just gotten stronger. She’s getting close to standing on her own, but typically has one hand on something for comfort. She’s weighing around 16.8 pounds.

What we are most looking forward to: SPRING. I love winter, but baby girl and I are tired of cold days in, tired of sicknesses. Granted, we have a brief reprieve of nice weather and I took Scarlett for walks 3 days straight… I think that’s what caused her cold to come back😔. We’re ready for 60s and sunshine! Brett and I also just joined a gym and I believe they have stroller hours. I’m hoping to have some gym time with her too coming up!

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