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Scarlett’s One Month Update

Say Whatttttt???

How in the world have 31 days passed? It blows my mind how much she has grown in such a short bit of time. I feel like every time I look at her, she’s just a little bit bigger.

Y’all, the first month was harder than I ever could have imagined. I thought I was at least somewhat ready, but there is no getting ready for a baby. You don’t realize what that sleep schedule is like, what the mess of hormones is like, what being trusted to keep a little life alive is like until you do it yourself. But we’ve made it! She’s here and thriving and we love her more and more every day.

I can’t tell you how many times Brett and I just stop and stare at her and soak up the fact that she’s ours to keep.

I’m going to try my best to document it as we go. At one month in, her day-to-day life is exactly what you’d expect: eat, sleep, poop, repeat. Because she was a teensy bit early, she slept quite a bit the first few weeks and is slowly starting to be awake more. She isn’t on any semblance of a schedule, mostly due to the fact that sometimes she feeds for 20 minutes and sometimes an hour and a half. Sometimes she can go 4 hours between a feeding, other times 50 minutes. There isn’t anything Brett and I can do about that except bend to her will and let her schedule be our own (or my own, more so).

One thing we have loved more and more is seeing her little personality come out. We’re starting to get hints as to what she likes and dislikes, her little quirks and what not. Scarlett has quite the repertoire of facial expressions that crack us up, and we love discovering more of them every day!

Scarlett’s likes: She LOVES being outside and rocking on the front porch. That tends to be the go-to soother for her! She also loves being held in the ktan and is a sucker for mom. She likes being swaddled but almost always wiggles her hands out. She is a big time wiggle worm – I’m expecting a future dancer;).

Scarlett’s dislikes: When Mom eats Japanese food or broccoli, having a gassy stomach, and not being able to sleep when she wants to! She’s a professional sleep-fighter. She also is not a fan of a paci right now, but we’re hoping that changes.

Hardest part of the month: Breastfeeding. Scarlett and I have hit a few bumps (mastitis, thrush, bouts of cluster feeding, etc.) that have made breastfeeding a bit of a challenge for us. She’s eating a lot, but it’s been painful since the get-go. The current battle is thrush, and I’m definitely not a fan of that pain. I don’t think Scarlett is, either! Definitely a work in progress.

Highlight of the month: Oh gah. So many moments. So many times where we look at her and just marvel at her beauty. So many times she takes our breath away. The little noises she makes when she’s about to sneeze but doesn’t and those times where she nuzzles her head a touch closer. It’s heart-melting.

How she’s growing: It blows my mind, how big she’s gotten! She’s definitely eating quite a bit and putting on weight consistently. Her newborn clothes are becoming much more fitted, as opposed to the premie outfits she wore her first week or so home! She’s pretty good at holding her head up for her age, and likes to move it around. I can’t wait for her to become more of herself and get bigger, but I also already miss when she was the itty bitty thing we took home from the hospital with us!

The question we always get asked: are you sleeping? Ha, some. Brett and I are somewhat tag-teaming it. Obviously, I’m doing the nighttime feedings. Brett works during the day, so it makes sense for him to get more sleep at night. He gets up and changes her before each feeding to help me out. Some nights aren’t the best, and it feels like neither of us sleep at all. Luckily for us, her longest chunks between feedings tend to be at night, so we get the occasional 4-5 hour stretch which means I get 3ish hours of sleep in a straight block, definitely something I latch on to!

I’m trying my best to not take a single moment for granted. Sometimes, I know it would be easier to place her in a swing and get things done around the house, but I want to soak up as much of this time as I can with her being this little. She is the biggest blessing, and Brett and I just can’t believe she’s ours!



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