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Scarlett’s Seven Month Update

You know, to be honest, it’s not that hard for me to grasp that she’s closer to a year old than she is from her birth. Every day, Scarlett is acting less like a baby and more like a toddler. It blows me away, how much she has learned and is learning!

We spent a good chunk of this past month inside thanks to snow and ice storms – going on our longest 7-day stretch so far. On the flip side, she also went on her first bigger day trip to Asheville for a family reunion. That seems like a small thing, but for a little girl who tends to get fussy after doing the same thing for 5 minutes, car rides terrified me. She ended up making us so proud, as she has many times this month. She amazes me daily, and I’m more and more thankful to be her mom.

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Scarlett’s Likes: Her likes are more clear-cut these days. She still loves to be standing, and likes to move. Her batmobile is pretty much the coolest thing. She likes mango and sweet potato the most, but also likes pears and bananas. She’s a fan of FaceTime, and talks to Grandma and Great-Grandma multiple times a day. She loves cuddling with mom, and has started nuzzling her head onto my shoulder more and more. She loves getting kisses (which I’m ALL for) and has given a few a time or two! She’s starting to be a little ticklish, and it’s precious.

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Like I mentioned, she doesn’t like to do the same thing for more than a few minutes. That tendency increases as the day goes by, and by evening she’s typically pretty fussy. She’s fine if I’m holding her and/or up moving around. She would rather stand than sit anyway. She is not a fan of butternut squash, prunes, or apples. She doesn’t like to be tired (who does?) but has a badddd habit of taking short naps🤷🏼‍♀️.

Hardest Part of the Month: You know, this is probably the first month that the hardest part really has nothing to do with Scarlett. I’d say the hardest part was having to be inside so much with the weather. Y’all, it feels so dang good to be able to say that. We’re slowly getting the hang of this being-a-human and becoming-a-mom thing.

Best Part of the Month: Gahhh how much I love her. Her little personality is coming out more and more. She giggles so much, and she can be so playful sometimes! When she’s in a good mood, oh my heart is so full. Getting to know my daughter, getting to play with her, it’s just the best. It also doesn’t hurt when she reaches out to me 100 times a day because she loves me too☺️

How She Has Grown/ Milestones: She’s definitely pulling herself up more, using our hands and arms. Her balance is getting better, and I think she’ll be standing sooner rather than later. She’s got the crawl stance down, but hasn’t put it into motion yet. She’s just under 16 pounds I believe, and still is waiting on those teeth! She’s grasping things pretty well and has better hand control than I expected for this age! She also said “mama” the other day… and while it might just have been babbling, I’m so claiming it!😉

What We Are Most Looking Forward to: My attitude/perspective is night and day different than where it was when we started, and I can’t wait to see it grow as she grows and develops. I just can’t wait to get to know her more! She learns daily, and I can’t wait to see her reach new milestones, giggle and laugh more. It’s like every new month with her is becoming my favorite yet, and I just know that trend will continue!

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