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Scarlett’s Six Month Update – and Half Birthday!

You guys. YOU GUYS! We have successfully kept this little human alive and healthy for half a year! If that doesn’t earn me a glass of wine, I don’t know what will;).

This month has definitely brought about some of the hardest times for little love and some of the happiest times – she smiles SO much more and is genuinely happy more often. She’s still incredibly active and that makes it difficult for her to be self-entertained or independent. Needless to say, this mama is tired, but more in love with her little girl every single day.

During this month, Scarlett also had her first night(s) away from Mom or Dad, each at different times. While she wasn’t a happy camper with Dad gone, she flat out refused to eat much when Mom was gone. My weekend girls getaway was cut a little short, but it was definitely a learning experience for us! We survived, and we count that a success😂.

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Scarlett’s Likes: Mom, being close to Mom, and being held by Mom. Dad, giggling with Dad, and being held by Dad. Scarlett is in a major attachment phase! She also loves: Things that light up, Pippa’s tail (all of Pip, but especially her tail), music (bonus points if it’s Moana or Frozen) and her Batmobile walker. She finally is tolerating solid foods, after two months of trying, and we’ve gotten a good vibe for bananas so far!

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Being away from Mom. We realllly don’t like being away from Mom. She’s also started to have a little stranger anxiety and can get scared when someone is holding her that she doesn’t exactly know. She doesn’t like to play with the same toy for more than about 5 minutes, which makes this stay-at-home mom a bit exhausted.

Hardest Part of the Month: Probably her time away from me. She ate about half of what she should eat during the day, and according to Brett, was an absolute wreck. It broke my heart that she was going through that and Brett and to deal with it, and it broke Brett’s heart that I didn’t get my much needed time away. Scarlett really has good days and bad days. You can tell by 9 what kind of day it’s going to be, and it really stays that way all day.

Best Part of the Month: Oh my goodness her personality is blossoming! When she smiles, her whole face lights up and its the best thing in the world. I LOVE making her smile. She’s started playing games like peek-a-boo, which is precious. She dressed up with Mom and Dad for Halloween and helped us put up the Christmas Tree. We are loving all these firsts with her!

How She Has Grown / Milestones: She’s definitely hit quite a few this month! She can completely sit up on her own, and can just about pull herself up using our hands/arms. She can also stand if she’s holding onto something like the sofa. She loves walking in the walker and can get around pretty well in that. She’s mastered an inchworm-esque crawl and can move across an entire carpeted room like that. She’s about 15.4 pounds, and her hair gets thicker every single day. She doesn’t have teeth yet, but she’s started to bite a ton.

What We Are Most Looking Forward to: The whole Christmas season, for me. Thanksgiving, too. I feel like Scarlett is bound to be a huge Christmas fan what with her name being Red Green ;). I’m also looking forward to having more activities to do with her. The more I can find to do, the happier she is. She keeps me on my toes!

Now that we’ve recapped the last month, can I get a Hallelujah for the fact that I’ve breastfed Scarlett for SIX MONTHS?!!! If you had told me after week 2, or even month 2, that this would be the case, I wouldn’t believe you. It’s now become one of my favorite things. Time slows down, and there’s nothing I can do during that than love on my little girl. Motherhood, y’all. You just never know!

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