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Scarlett’s Ten Month Update

Ummmm what? WHEN DID MY BABY GET TO BE TEN MONTHS OLD?!?! I swear, every day its more kid and less baby. She blows my mind. She understands a few words now and has more personality every single day. I could not love her more if I tried.

Scarlett’s Likes: Scarlett is still a big-time mama’s girl. She can get reallllly clingy. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I want to make sure she gets a breather from me. She’s getting favorite toys (specifically ones that make noises) and loves playing with random objects like socks, shoes, and pens. She still loves to stand up and loves her walker. She can get so proud of herself, and always makes sure to see if we are watching her. She loves her Saturday and Sunday mornings with her dada, and they go so far for their relationship.

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Scarlett is stubbbornnnn (surprise 😂🙈) and does not like her toys taken away or to stop doing something she wants to do. She craves attention, and can get really fussy if she does the same thing for more than a couple minutes at a time. However, sometimes she can play independently for an hour. She’s still not a huge fan of being in the car for a long period of time, and doesn’t like to be taken away from mom when Mama is whom she wants. She won’t eat any solid food that isn’t pureed or starts off hard (like cheerios), but we’re working on that!

Hardest Part of the Month: Ummmmm probably the fussiness that comes with teething. She can be a bit feisty because of that, so we try to do what we can to make it easier for her. She also is eating about 1.5-2 jars of food per feeding (3 times a day), but refuses most solids still, which makes food expensive🤷🏼‍♀️. I plan on pulling out my food processor soon.

Best Part of the Month: To be honest, the best part of the month has been the breaks she’s getting from me. I go to the gym for about an hour a day, and Scarlett heads to one of her grandparents, alternating houses depending on the day. It gives her solid time with grandparents and gives me a little freedom. It has been so great, so healthy for both of us, especially her. I leave again at the end of March for a getaway and I’m not worried at all thanks to this time.

Milestones/How She Has Grown: She has teeth! RIGHT after turning 9 months, she got her first tooth. She now has her two bottom teeth poking through, one quite noticeable and SO precious when she smiles. Motrin and Tylenol are frequent at nighttime to help with that teething. She can stand up on her own, but definitely prefers the safety of having her hand on something still. I think, if she was a bit more daring, she could be walking by now. She says mama pretty regularly, but I just can’t tell if she associates it with me. She seems to know “up” too, for when I pick her up.

What we are Most Looking Forward to: I just love seeing her grow more! I can’t wait for her to start walking and talking. She calls out “mama” particularly when she’s fussy, so I’m looking forward to her using it regularly. I also can’t wait for other words to join her vocabulary. I love that she’s getting attached to other adults besides just me, and I can’t wait to watch her relationships with them grow, too! Brett is SO busy right now, with his job, golf, and working out in the mornings. He’s looking forward to spending more time with her this spring when things settle down a bit!

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