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Scarlett’s Three Month Update

I’m so glad I do these posts. I can’t get many out these days, but these are important to me. I want to document her growth, and this is the easiest and best way!

Month 3 was hard for us. While we really think she had/has colic, that has let up a bit lately. The catch this month? Breastfeeding was the worst. Oh not in a painful sense – I almost miss those days. No, Scarlett just became the most temperamental feeder. She started to prefer the ease of the bottle and would go on “nursing strikes.” It got to the extent that I took her to the doctor only to find out nothing is wrong, she’s just a teensy bit lazy when it comes to food. I mean, I feel ya, I just want to get it all in my belly too. Buttttt that made for a super stressed mom, feeling like something was wrong with me or my milk, despite knowing that wasn’t the case.

Because of that, I’ve got her on a pretty strict schedule. It seems to help tremendously with crying and getting her to latch. Now I’m just paranoid to get off it – which means we haven’t left the house a ton. I’m writing this post after a night where she refused me twice, making a very tired mommy and daddy, so bottle feeding and flexibility are looking more and more likely!

Scarlett’s Likes: You absolutely love being carried face-out. You’ve started to like things that dangle, and have a whole new appreciation for play-mats. You tend to like up-beat music and need some background noise. You’ve discovered you can stand when someone helps you, and you prefer that over sitting any day! You like looking at yourself in the mirror, and you love smiling at Mommy and Daddy, but only when we coax them out of you!

Scarlett’s Dislikes: You are not a fan of being overly tired or hungry at all. You don’t like car rides if you aren’t tired or freshly-fed. You still hate having a dirty diaper. You don’t like being swaddled but sleep so much better when you are.

Hardest Part of the Month: Ohhhh the feeding. I decided that if I could make it to 3 months, I’d be happy – and I have! I’ve been an emotional wreck because of it, though. I’ll keep going as long as she takes it, mainly because I’ve come to love that bond and time with her. When she puts up a fight, I’m headed to formula and breastmilk bottles. That’s going to be a hard transition for me!

Best Part of the Month: I think I’ll put thus most months, but seeing her personality coming out! She’s a big fan of her Wubbanub paci’s, and shes started to truly snuggle with some! She/s happiest in the mornings, and I treasure that smiley time with her!

This Month’s Highlights: Scarlett went on her first trip! She came to Greensboro with us so that I could attend a baby shower with some of my girlfriends. She got to see my childhood home where I lived from age 2 on. I actually was saying goodbye to that home, as my parents are moving (to Boone!) soon, so that was a bittersweet experience for me. We did find out that 2 hours in a car with just one of us isn’t the best right now, that’s for sure. Might wait a little while for another road trip!

How She Has Grown / Milestones: Um. She’s HUGE. She weighs just under 12 pounds, and feels like a giant. She can completely roll over from her tummy to her back, and can roll from her back to her side. Her legs are SO strong, and she loves standing on them. She can entertain herself for a short period of time now (praise the Lord!).

How Are We Sleeping: Welllll she’s actually sleeping worse than she did in the beginning. Our bedtime varies, but is roughly close to 10 (give or take 2 hours). She wakes up around 8, and she feeds 2-3 times between that. Her feedings take a great deal longer at night because of the sleepiness. Lately, she’s been waking up every hour to hour and a half between 4 on, which is NOT my favorite!

What We’re Looking Forward To: Alll the new things with her! Every day she does something new – whether it’s the way she pays attention to something, a new skill or movement, or a new expression. School starts back for teachers this week, and I’ve never felt more sure of our decision to have me stay home! I am so blessed to be able to be with her every day, of that I am certain!

Month four brings about the start of a few other big things, like football season. We’ve had a lot of busy weekends lately, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. Here’s to finding the time to rest in the midst of it and soaking up every sweet bit of this precious stage she’s in!


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