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I don’t think I realize how often I wear scarves until my students call me out for always wearing them. It might sound crazy, but I just love having something around my neck to rest my head on. I feel cozy whenever wearing a scarf. I’d venture to say that they are my favorite fall/winter fashion item. They are always a worthwhile investment, because I know I will get extensive use out of them when purchased. For that reason, I have about a drawer and a half full of scarves [and yes, I’m slightly embarrassed by that.] I’ve definitely learned that there are some I gravitate toward day after day, and some I tend to neglect.

So which scarves are worth investing in? You want to be able to wear a scarf with as many outfits as possible. I’d love to add a faux fur or animal print scarf to my collection, but I can say first hand that each of these other categories gets plenty of wear with my wardrobe! Scarves are, thankfully, one of the few items that is almost worry-free to purchase offline.

must have scarves fixed

My personal favorites between $10 and $20:

For a little splurge, these are in the $25-$50 price range [because let’s be real, more than $25 for a scarf is definitely considered a splurge to me!]:

 Recently, I’ve added this gray fringe scarf to my closet and I love it. So incredibly soft! This tan fringe scarf is also easy to match with so, so many outfits. I have to intentionally remind myself that I’ve already worn it frequently- it’s time to give another one a try.

What’s your favorite style scarf? Is there any that you fall back on time and time again?

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