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Ok, you guys. Let me introduce you to a game changer. I’m wearing them as I type this, because I’m wearing them just about every time I look at my computer screen. Blogging makes me spend upward of 5 hours a day staring at a screen and you guys, I pay for it. At the end of each night, my eyes are tired and sore and I more likely than not have a headache. This eye strain and time spent looking at screens often makes it difficult to sleep.

Enter Pixel Eyewear. To be honest, this sounded like a perfect solution for me. I first noticed them on another blogger who gave them rave reviews, and in digging a little, I couldn’t find anything negative. They work by absorbing and reflecting the blue light that causes eye strain. They’re anti-glare, anti-stretch and 100% UV protected.

Confession: I liked the idea of them at first because I really just wanted to be able to wear glasses. I think I have a kind of style crush on glasses, and while love having good vision, I’ve always loved the thought of them. When I happened to stumble upon a pair that would truly benefit me and be super cute? I was all in!

Pixel Eyewear has a full description of just how these glasses work and why they are needed found here. While artificial blue light that comes from screens can cause eye strains and headaches, what has affected me the most is a disruption of my sleep. Working on a computer until midnight and trying to fall right asleep is roughly impossible. The blue light affect the release of melatonin, making your body not quite ready for sleep.

I wanted to wait a solid length of time after receiving these glasses before posting about them to guarantee that my review and opinion is valid and based on my true experience. You guys, I love them. I have felt a noticeable difference on how sore and tired my eyes are every single day. I have had less difficulty falling asleep. I don’t feel like I need to blink a million times when I look away from a screen. And y’all they are so cute!

I had a difficult time picking the style I wanted, but these seem to be a pretty universal fit. I noticed them quite a bit on the company’s Instagram. Because they’ve made such a great difference for me, I’d love for them to make a difference for others as well! They’ve granted me a $5 discount code for you guys to use – darling dearest” – and many of the glasses are already on sale! These are truly worth it to me.

Have you heard of glasses like these before, or do they sound like something you could use?

Happy Monday, friends!

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