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Whenever I’m on the hunt for a new statement or staple piece, one of the first places I look is SheIn. I never fail to find multiple items I want, all well within my budget (which probably isn’t the best thing, come to think of it:)). They have the biggest selection of casual dresses around, and that’s something that you can never have enough of. Take these four, for example. Styled like this, they fit four completely different situations, but are all dresses you could wear time and time again. Which is why they currently top my wishlist for dresses. Especially the pinstripe one… it might very well make it into my closet very soon!

Spring Outfits for all occasions

Outfit #1: “But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving.Gray and White Striped Dress, Cat Flats, Bucket Bag, Tassel Necklace.

Spring means new beginnings, sure. And chaos, and hectic schedules, and spring cleaning, and errands, and to-do lists that never seem to end. What you need? A cosy yet casual dress, a bag to hold it all, and shoes that make you feel tough but utterly adorable.

Outfit #2: “I was dreaming last night, when I got the notion to pack my bags and head for the ocean.” Anchor Dress, Cognac Bag, Orange Striped Earrings, Suede Booties

Oh anchors, you never fail to win me over. Or remind me of the beach. It’s a win-win with you and I. Anchors are nautical and stripes are nautical; therefore, they are the perfect patterns to mix. And the perfect patterns to help you through the lull that takes place between now and spring break, or summer vacation, or anytime you crave warmer days.

Outfit #3: “She wore that dress like it was a Saturday, pretty as a summer rose picked in the morning.” Navy Ruffle Dress, Nude Heels, Shoulder Bag, Layered Necklaces

If you’re anything like me, you greatly appreciate that gradual darkening of skin that starts to happen sometime around March and April. Granted, in the mountains where I live, I place a strong emphasis on gradual. But spring is typically when the blush and bronzer are more prominent, shaving happens more frequently, and you all-around start to take better care of yourself. (Read: pedicures). And you want to show that off, say in a pretty dress and a pair of heels perhaps.

Outfit 4: “Mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mama said.Pinstripe Dress, Brown Tote, Bicycle Earrings, Brown Lace Up Heels

Sometimes, the weather is just too pretty to ignore. And you stand outside and you just can’t seem to comprehend that you are living through such a pretty day. And you want nothing more than to live in a fairytale and go on a picture-perfect picnic, possibly with bikes that have baskets attached, and soak up every last minute of that day that you can.

That’s one of the best things about style – you can adjust your look to reflect all the different facets of your personality. Likewise, that’s also one of the best things about SheIn: I can find clothes to fit any and all of my moods, which means a never-ending wishlist.:)

What’s your favorite spring style?

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