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Striped Maternity Top

A couple weeks ago, I posted a poll on my Instagram account as to which top to pick from Pink Blush. One was loose and flowy, the other fitted. The fitted one won, and I think that’s quite fitting;). It seems that people love to see a pregnant belly show!

I could tell online that this one had ruched sides, but I didn’t notice the sleeves were ruched as well! They are super long, which I absolutely love. It’s also long enough to wear with leggings in addition to jeans – definitely a win with anything maternity! I’ve been really craving anything that reminds me of the beach or has a nautical vibe lately, and I’m hoping that this top will help curb my desire.

Real talk: While taking these, Brett, being Mr. Photographer, suggested that I look down at her more often… he said that you could tell how tired I looked.  I think each stage of pregnancy is going to have its own reason to be tired, just preparing me for the new mom-level of tiredness. Right now, it’s thanks to Little Girl’s favorite time for dance parties (after 10PM) and the constant need to pee… literally a minimum of 5 times after 9 every night.

There’s also the small factor if the fact that there’s a weighted bowling ball attached to my belly. It used to feel like an actual part of my belly. Now, it’s starting to feel like something growing off of or on top of me… if that makes any sense. And I’m pretty sure there’s a foot up by my ribs. It isn’t like a kicking sensation, but more so a constant pressure that makes it impossible to slouch.

I promise you, I am not saying this to complain. I love feeling her, even in the uncomfortable ways. That reassurance is priceless. Sometimes, I feel like she’s playing with me, trying to tickle me. It just might explain why I look only partially present in the mornings or zone out a bit more than usual. The sweetest baby is keeping me up:)

As she gets bigger though, I have been wanting to put more effort into what I wear. Expect to see more maternity outfits coming up on the blog soon, as long as I get the motivation to actually get them photographed:)! Tops like this with fun earrings and accessories are becoming the norm!





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