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Some people like being busy. I am not one of those people.

This week was just that – extremely busy. Not a bad week, just very hectic and fast paced and packed with things to do. So, in light of that, I skipped Friday Favorites this week. I wasn’t really in the mood to highlight the brightness of the week. But the feelings? Both the good and the bad, the things that worked me up and settled me down? Those I will share.

One. Brewery work dates with a beloved co-worker. Monday started in fast with a long to-do list, complete with multiple days of sub plans and prep work for the week ahead. If you are a teacher – imagine writing ten different lessons for a sub to do in one day. Ten. Writing sub plans is not fun. So, a friend and I headed to our favorite get-work-done spot, Appalachian Mountain Brewery. And proceeded to work, and also proceeded to chat about life. Life chats are always a good thing with her.

Two. Going out to eat with my parents and getting a glass of my favorite wine. I had a teaching conference in Winston-Salem on Thursday and Friday, and drove home late Wednesday afternoon. To give you an idea of just how out of it my mind was by this point in the week – I got lost driving home from the same place I’ve lived for 6 years of my life. A drive I’ve made literally over 50 times. So dear Mom and Dad took me out to eat at the delicious Green Valley Grill, and they happened to have one of my two favorite wines in the world. That’s such a nice way to end a long day.

Three. Getting goodies from my grandmother. She is the best cook ever. After knowing that I was craving cupcakes last weekend when home, she made me a batch to take back up the mountain with me. Not only do I get to enjoy those delicious cupcakes, but she also made me my very favorite dessert, her blackberry cobbler. If those two things don’t help to take the stress away, nothing will. I just so happen to be partaking in the cobbler this very moment. And y’all. It’s heaven. Comfort food.

Four. Seeing friends I love but don’t get to see nearly enough. Teaching at Colfax Elementary introduced me to people I hold so very near and dear. After a long day of sitting through sessions, dining with two of them was the perfect medicine to keep me laughing. It also just served as a teaser to our girls weekend in two weeks.

Five. Worship. I have these two awesome friends who happen to be in love with each other and were married this past summer. They both love the Lord an awful lot and decided to have a Living Room Worship night at their place. How cool of an idea is that, to have high schoolers and adults alike choosing to spend their Friday night praising the Lord? Talk about feels. IMG_9027 IMG_9029

Six. The decision to spend Saturday truly relaxing. I had the best of intentions for Saturday. It would start off leisurely with coffee and my journal. It would be dedicated to responding to comments and perusing other blogs. It would include reading. It would include a date night. It was truly going to be a great day. And then I got overambitious. And tried to take a picture, because I’m a blogger and that’s what we do. So this picture? Don’t let it fool you. It looks like a lovely morning, right? This resulted in spilt coffee. ALL over my comforter. And all over our off-white carpet. Which led to two solid hours spent trying to clean it off the floor (without full success). So this stress-free morning I had been craving? That went well. Darling, Dearest

Seven. Needless to say, I was pretty worked up after that. You know that feeling, when you need to relax and it just. keeps. piling. up? I was done. So I left the house, got lunch with my sister and brother-in-law (hey, Adam!), and decided to go for a drive. Ever since I got my license, this has been one of my fail-proof stress relievers. I hopped onto the blue ridge parkway and ended up staying on it for over an hour.  Even though my journaling was previously interrupted, it’s impossible to not spend time with the Lord when you’re looking at views like this. I get to live here y’all.
blue ridge parkway linn cove viaduct blue ridge parkway blue ridge parkway blue ridge parkway

I’m hoping to take this week a little more in stride, but I can’t promise that. I can, however, promise that my Lord will help me through it. I can also promise that I’ll finish off this blackberry cobbler (most likely in a shorter time period than I should). 🙂

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