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Sunday Seven 11.6

It has been a hot minute since I’ve written a “Friday Favorites” or “Sunday Seven” post. I typically try to post 3-4 times a week, consistently. I’ve had to accept that if I plan on getting this devotional done according to my timeline, I would have to take a step back from the blog itself, be it writing or promotion. Because it’s been a while, this post is incorporating favorites from a few weeks back, too:)

One. Pippa’s 4th Anniversary! Four years ago yesterday, Brett heard a kitten outside of his classroom door. Brett, having a major soft spot for animals, went to check it out. He found an approximately 3-month-old kitten who wasn’t in the best condition. He texted my mom right away, saying “just how allergic is Emily to cats?” to which she answered, “well, she’s pretty allergic.”  Because he had a workday that day, he was able to bring her by my school where my mom was helping me out. Imagine seeing this little kitten bloodied up, incredibly frail, and as sweet as can be. It was love at first sight! Screw the allergies (that I still deal with on a daily basis). She was so skittish; the vet said she had probably been on her own for a good chunk of time. And now? She’s one of the most loved and most loving cats I’ve ever met.


Two. We Voted! It’s crazy for me to think that this is the 3rd presidential election I’ve voted in. I don’t participate in any political talk on social media what-so-ever, but I will say this: I have seen more respect and politeness from the students I teach than the adults I know in regard to disagreements on this election.


Three. Alll the App games. I am currently in a food-coma thanks to all the delicious tailgate delicacies I gorged on yesterday. We’ve had loads of friends join us this year; it’s always so fun!


Four. Getting to go on the field. Boone is a small town, a town where it makes such a difference to have connections. Any problem on the house we have, any place we want to go, you call a friend first. Some of our really great connections have helped us get on the field for a game or two. I mean, this is like prime spot, front-row seating! Super fun experience.


Five. The colors are mostly gone now, but look at how vibrant they were! The seemed to linger a bit longer this year than they typically do, giving us a few weeks of peak leaf-looking time. And the weather right now is perfect! It’s in the 60s every single day. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it from my brand new made-by-my-grandfather front porch swing, and y’all, there’s no better feeling.



Six. Rearranging. Something triggered a deep clean of the house, which triggered the want for me to rearrange. Which made the couch that’s “my couch” get the most perfect sunlight early in the morning, which gave me the perfect spot for Bible reading time.


Seven. This view! Brett and I went on an afternoon hike one Friday to try to catch the leaves before they were gone. It ended up being a super adventurous hike, complete with sleet and rain and winds so high that I had to grab onto the rock. But the views, ohhhh the views.

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