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Sunday Seven 4.3

This was a full week. It kicked off over last weekend in a spectacular way and didn’t cease to let me down once.

One. Morning walks with my sister and mother. We piled in the car with my sister’s two dogs first thing Saturday morning and headed to Guilford Courthouse to take a stroll. My parents live on the land where the British camped for that battle, and we live a hop, skip, and a jump away from the actual battleground. Going for walks in places like that with my mom is always great, as both her and I are slight history buffs. And those two dogs are basically the cutest things ever. Even if one does slobber uncontrollably (bloodhounds, y’all).


Two. The rest of that Saturday stayed just as great. We followed up the walking with pictures for the blog, shopping, and the most delicious lunch at P.F. Changs. The ultimate girls day, right? The day ended with grabbing a beer at Gibbs Hundred Brewing and dinner at Natty Greene’s. We definitely made the most of our time in Greensboro.

Three. Date night. I mentioned earlier this week that my husband and I finally got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if only a bit late. We had dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Proper, and then went to see a movie. Really, the epitome of a classic date night. We actually ended up filling our week with date nights (making up for the lost time). This has caused us to eat abnormally well all week-long, which is something I’m certainly not complaining about!

Four. Greenville, S.C. This could be a post of its own, filled with all the wonderful things we enjoyed. My husband surprised me by getting a hotel that was downtown, making it so we could walk almost anywhere we wanted to go. We spent both Tuesday night and Wednesday morning exploring the area, and I quite frankly fell a little bit in love. It is just such a cute, quaint town. SO many good restaurants. And what city actually has a little waterfall in downtown itself?? It was definitely the perfect location for a little romantic getaway.

IMG_0400 IMG_0399

This pink wall! I wish I could walk by it every day. It might be making an appearance on the blog later this week.


Andddd Tupelo Honey. I’ve wanted to go to the Asheville location many times, but the wait is always insane. We had no wait for the one in Greenville, and certainly spoiled ourselves. I’ve literally had day dreams about some of this food. I wish I was kidding about that. So good. 

Five. After stopping at a brewery in Greenville and one in Charlotte, we headed to our some of our dearest friends house for dinner. I met Gray my freshman year of college, our very first weekend at App. We were both Elementary Ed Teaching Fellows, which meant we spent tons of time together over those four years. Lo and behold, that great friendship would lead to a friendship between him and my husband, which would lead to them being in each other’s weddings. He and his wife, Katie, are expecting a little one soon, and we just had to see them before the baby came! This is just a little glimpse of how decorated and southern and lovely their home is. And can I just say, these two can COOK! I mean… heart-shaped biscuits? They tasted as good as they look. We are just so blessed with friends like them.

*Katie also has a blog!! It’s primarily a lifestyle blog, with delicious recipes and tid bits included. She has a way with words in regard to faith. Head here to check it out!


Six. Good weather. We have had three meals outside this week. I know that isn’t a ton, but just the fact that we can eat outside and enjoy it is wonderful. I’m refusing to check the weather for this coming week (something about snow on Friday, I’m plugging my ears and covering my eyes to that). I know I’ve said it before, but there is no pretty quite like Boone pretty.

Seven. Just like last Saturday was quite swell, this one followed in suite. The boys, once again, went golfing, so we ladies had leisurely mornings in and wound up at a winery. It’s my favorite local winery, and they happened to have 4 brand new wines to taste! My sister, sister-in-law, and I just spent time enjoying a glass (or two) while soaking in the slightly chilly sun. Could you ask for anything better than that? We ended the night with dinner with my sister-in-law and her fiancé. How awesome is it that I would choose time and time again to spend our days with our family? We are so lucky to have family we get along with and love so much. Check for another day for the books.Grandfather Vineyard Grandfather Vineyard Winston Boone

We’ll end on that note, because just like Winston, I’m choosing to turn my cheek to the idea of going back to school tomorrow. Spring Break has been too good to me. 🙂

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