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Sunday Seven 7.10

One. Back. In. Boone. So here’s the thing. After graduation, I moved off the mountain. I needed that move, I needed to become an adult and learn how to start a life/have a life independent of what college gave me. And I grew more in those two years than I ever have. And moving back to Boone wasn’t easy. But living here? That’s easier than breathing. I love to travel. I love new cities and new tastes and new experiences. But coming home to my quaint, friendly, cool, mountain town? Nothing beats that.


Two. My Dad’s Birthday!!! My dad had a BIG birthday on the 4th. He refused a party, so my sister and I got together and decided on more lasting gifts. The process of making those, and then spending all of this past weekend celebrating and grilling out and hanging out? It was really great. I love my family.

the boys after golf car ride IMG_6011

Three. Getting together with oldest, truest group of friends. Growing up active in my church, I was blessed with the best group of friends. These two girls even helped my husband orchestrate his proposal, and were both in my wedding. These boys? The closest things to brothers there can be. I literally have no doubt in my mind that if I was to say that I needed them, they’d be here in the time it takes to drive. How can that not be so cherished?


Four. House renovation. Welp guys, I have too many clothes. How do I know? I broke our closet. Literally. So in the midst of painting and our house already being quite the wreck upstairs, our bedroom is now loaded up with clothes. Everywhere. 😳 Between balancing what can be fixed now and what we want to work with until later, cleaning out, and making rooms into what we have hoped for them all along, we’re quite swamped. I’m not letting myself look out the window at the weeds that seem to be suffocating our yard and driveway. Y’all, owning a house. This is hard stuff. Any advice, homeowners, how on to balance all this?

Five. Visiting friends and sweet babies. Our very dear friends from college spent some time in Boone lately with their precious newborn son. Brett and I don’t want kids quite yet, but we sure do love loving on theirs:). Katie and Gray have the sweetest little boy, Landon. Want to see some of the most adorable pictures of him? Check out Katie’s blog,  Coffee Date with Kate! He will melt your heart!

katie and gray

Six. Getting work done this week, I have been living in yoga pants and leggings. Particularly the first pair in the scroll below – SO comfortable! That’s the thing about being a style blogger – 9 times out of 10, my outfits are the most basic they can be. And if they aren’t, I’ll probably change clothes within 3 minutes of being home.

Seven. Cat cuddles. This really should be first on the list. Being gone for over two weeks is some kind of separation for this cat and her mom. We might’ve been glued to each others hips my first day back home:).  I didn’t even care about having super frizzy hair from a damp night watching fireworks, all I wanted to do was hold her tight!  I’ll accept the catlady title with pride 😻.pippa

How was your week, friends?

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