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Sunday Seven

In lieu of a Friday Favorites post, we’re going with Sunday Seven… Seven great events and things that happened in this last week!


One. Family Christmas. My dad’s side of the family celebrates Christmas together on the Saturday before Christmas itself. We come from Texas, New York, Georgia, and of course Carolina. Family is such an interesting thing – you only see them on special occasions or perhaps once a year, but still you know them differently than others. They see you develop and grow and become who you are. I’d say I’m pretty blessed with a great one.

Two. Ice Skating. This past Sunday, my husband and I went ice skating. Now, a solid chunk of my childhood was dedicated to that sport. My sister and I skated competitively for many years. It’s still something that I love so dearly. My husband had never been before. While the ice quality was quite terrible [outdoor rink at a ski slope… you can’t really expect much], it still felt so good to be back on it. He might’ve been a little sore, but I think he’s willing to try skating again:).

Three. Christmas Lights. Brett and I drove to my hometown of Greensboro on the first official day of Christmas Break. On the way in, he dropped me off with some friends for a girls night in Concord to see the Speedway Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I know I mention my old coworkers a lot, but that’s just because they are such great friends. I typically stink at keeping in touch with people [hence why I only have 3 friends from high school] but they just make it so easy! While the light show itself was decent, the company was outstanding.

Four. Being in Greensboro. I think I just about set a record for the longest amount of time I went without going home. I love Greensboro, and I loved growing up there. Whenever I visit, I miss it more. Granted, I certainly appreciated the friendliness of Boone while amidst the last minute shoppers in Greensboro. But just having availability of more than like 3 good stores and the convenience of a Target… so nice.

Five. Being with Mom and Dad. It’s the little things, like being able to cuddle with Dad and watch a movie or help Mom out in the kitchen, that make home so great. Thinks like deciding to check out a new craft beer and wine bar and ending up closing the place down [at 9, that is]. Or even grocery shopping and laughing your way down aisle after aisle. The little things, y’all.

Six. Christmas Eve Traditions. Ever since we started attending Mt. Pisgah UMC, we went to their children’s Christmas Eve Service. My sister and I used to dress up as little angels and participated in the play. Just being there helps to kick of Christmas and make it seem more real for me. Following the service, we always drive around town and look at Christmas lights and then return home to open gifts. For many years now, this has included visiting the Sunset Hills neighborhood in Greensboro to look at the lighted balls. After opening some of the sweetest gifts [like a Darling, Dearest basket of goodies from my sister including a wine glass and engraved journal and more!], we enjoyed some beer meant for Santa and an epic battle of charades [girls won of course!]. It was a late night before an early morning, but there is nothing that can beat these nights with my family.
IMG_4557 IMG_4532 IMG_4579 IMG_6182 IMG_6217 IMG_6265

Seven. Christmas day with my husband’s family. We woke up before the sun and headed to Hickory to kick off another day of food and gifts and games and joy. Poor Brett was sick, but it still is always so nice to just spend time surrounded by the people you love.

IMG_6381 IMG_6332 IMG_6271

I know I’ve forgotten something as it was quite the busy week! Tell me about your Christmas, how was it?

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