Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving, next to Christmas, is my favorite holiday to decorate for. Truly, it’s my second favorite holiday period. The whole family atmosphere and laid back vibe, I live for that. I also love how cozy the fall colors connected with Thanksgiving can make a home! My house has even more gold in it than normal this time of the year.

thanksgiving decor

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I think my favorite thing in this collage is the beautiful gold wreath. It’s slightly smaller than average being 11 inches, but it would look so lovely and unique on a door or above a sofa! I also am a sucker for the gold wine glass set. Just imagine how perfect it would look with a decent pour of cabernet sauvignon. Or chardonnay. Okay, any wine really.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for the holidays, or prepare your home for Thanksgiving?

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