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The Beauty of Greensboro

You never know what hidden gems reside within your town.
This location, y’all. 
Blue and White Striped Shirt and Jeans
Blue and White Striped Shirt and Jeans with a Tassel Necklace

Blue and White Striped Shirt and Jeans with a Tassel Necklace

Blue and White Striped Shirt and Jeans with a Tassel Necklace

I grew up in Greensboro, and while I heard many friends mention over the years that they were ready to leave, I honestly loved it. It’s not as large and populated as Charlotte, but it’s still a city. It has that city feel, where you can go somewhere and not see 10 people you know [which I truthfully miss every once in a while in Boone.] And after living there for approximately 20 years, I still had so many things to learn: new restaurants to taste, new sights to see, new culture to experience. One of the pleasures of working with Robert Chou Photography was simply that I was exposed to new locations that reflected the beauty of Greensboro. The tye-dyed wall in this post was such a stunning hidden treasure [despite being in a slightly sketchy location]. Where we are at in these pictures is also no exception; this little cove was right across the street from one of my favorite local restaurants [Natty Greene’s– even though they took away the scrumptious crab dip], and I had never noticed it. 
 Another one of my favorite locations in Greensboro is Piedmont Triad Airport at night- I used to drive out of my way just to go on Bryan Boulevard after dark and seen the runway lit up. It’s like Christmas year round. [I tried to find a picture, but none do it justice.]
Greensboro, North Carolina
This little spot above is hidden in between two companies on Market Street. You know, just a little beauty here or there to liven the place up. 
Lake Jeanette, Greensboro, North Carolina
Thanks, Ryan, for a stunning photo!
Lake Jeanette surely has it’s beauty, doesn’t it? If this doesn’t make you excited for fall, I don’t know what will.
In terms of the outfit, why yes this is the same shirt that I have in black and white and wear like every single day. And this necklace is great to spruce up any style a little.  My favorite part of this outfit? The Toms. I love Toms. [I might have 5ish pairs.. give or take a few:)] These are technically the youth size- which I completely recommend if you can pull them off! I wear a 6.5 regularly, but a 5 in Women’s Toms, and a 4 in Youth Toms [so size down!]. The youth versions just seem to last longer than the adult Toms [and that includes crazy often wear like mine receive]. They don’t make the lace ups in adult sizes, but the burlap material in general is just great to go with everything.  


Where have you found beauty in the place you live?
Greensboro friends, I’d love to add onto this list! What are your favorite sights in this lovely town?
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