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The Pumpkin Patch

I am a HUGE sucker for all things holidays. I used to love that fact about being a teacher – you kind of had a free pass to wear allll the tacky holiday outfits, and I definitely took advantage of it. I’m hoping, being a mom, that free pass is still extended!

When we chose the name Scarlett Green, we knew there would be a few jokes here or there about her being “red green,” but we welcomed them because we both love Christmas! I grew up having a lifesize christmas tree in my bedroom… that I often left up until late spring🙈. To say I’m excited to start celebrating holidays with my own daughter is putting it VERY mildly.

This inaugural trip to the pumpkin patch was the perfect way to kick it all off! We had the place to ourselves (they use an honor code system – I love living somewhere where that’s acceptable!) and we timed it right before sunset. Scarlett’s GiGi and Papaw were able to join, and we loved getting to share it with them!


I tried to somewhat coordinate our outfits. Scarlett had on this burgundy romper, and my outfit had burgundy accents. There are so many cute fall dresses out there for little ones, but I just can’t convince myself to put her in something other than a onesie (or onesie-esque piece like this!) She looked pretty darn cute, if you ask me😉.

I’d love to know other fun holiday outings or crafts for babies to do, if you guys have any suggestions!

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