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To Be a Sophisticated Teacher

I was going to start by saying this summer has been crazy, but I don’t think that “crazy” does it justice. Brett and I bought our house in June, and since then we have spent one [ONE] full week here. And that was pre-marriage. And I’m a homebody. And now, summer is over. 
Today, I go back to school. With that comes much more responsibility, more focus, and simply more put-togetherness. I really am excited; I love my job. I work with some of the greatest kids in the world. But man, I missed having a “summer” this summer. No complaints here though; this season was loaded with blessings.
In honor of returning to work, I’m posting a business-y outfit. [And please note this insanely awesome location. SO. MUCH. FUN.]


Isn’t Robert Chou Photography amazing? You can follow him on Facebook or check out his portfolio. 
This exact tunic is here, and it comes in 7 colors. I might, maybe, may own 2 of them- just because of its versatility! [And I’m major crushing on the olive- that color is my weakness.] The flowy look of it makes it flattering on all different shapes and sizes. It’s a great go-to shirt for bottoms that need a partner. These sunnies have also become a quick favorite of mine, and they are less than $6!
The skirt is a hand-me-down from my sister. One of the many great things about having a sister relatively the same size- borrowing, sharing, and passing down clothing! It’s from Target, circa 2009. Yep, 6 years old. That’s the beauty of clothes, and why I’m so awful at getting rid of them. The combinations they can make are endless! I’ve linked similar skirts below. My favorite part of this one is the color; that taupe-ish olive color just seems to make outfits warmer and more inviting. 
In terms of accessories and details, these shoes are from Altar’d State. Every purchase sponsors children in need in areas like education, food, clothing, etc. They don’t carry these shoes anymore, but I still recommend checking out their site. Super chic clothing at such a reasonable price- and to know that your purchase is actually doing good for more than your closet? That’s pretty cool. Another similar business is Renmen Abonde bracelets. I’ve talked about them before, and you can buy unique bracelets like mine here! Each are handcrafted and all proceeds go toward Haitian missions.  
Work outfits are the ones that have me scavenging for ideas the most. There’s only so many business outfits that are appropriate [and logical] for teaching. Any suggestions?
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