An Update on Darling, Dearest

Hey friends! This past Tuesday rang in the two-year mark of this little ole blog of mine. I think I mentioned this last year, but it kind of feels like just yesterday I had a life without the blog… whilst also feeling like it’s always been this part of me. I know that’s so corny, but it’s so true.

To be honest, I kind of haven’t done a great job of sharing it out lately. There’s just a hundred and one things to do every. single. day. for a blog, that sometimes I leave a few behind! Big things are happening though, and I want to both give you a heads up as to what to look forward to in addition to touching on a few things I hope you didn’t miss!


What to Look Forward to:

A new series! Every chance I get to feature a small business on here, you know I love. They are my absolute favorite to promote. I want to actually be intentional about it! Starting Monday, I’m kicking off a series called Shop Small. I’m hoping for it to be weekly, but I know me and therefore I know that might not happen. It’s starting with an Etsy store of a friend of mine, so this Monday is not one to miss! If you know any businesses or shops that deserve a feature, let me know!

Another new series! Piggy-backing off of that, I want to start a series that I’ve had intentions to do prettttyy much since this blog began. I’m hoping that by writing this, it’ll make it happen. I typically have two types of readers: other bloggers, or friends in real life. Many of those real life friends live in North Carolina, and are either based in Boone or see Boone as a travel destination. I want to highlight this town I live in with a series called Shop Local, similar to the feature on KT Leigh’s Boutique last week. This would incorporate Eat Local and Drink Local. We have so many great friends with restaurants and breweries and wineries in this area, and I’d like to think I’d be a good person to promote them!

What Not to Miss:

If you haven’t had a chance to complete the affirmation survey, please please please do! It has already helped so much in giving me direction (and motivation) for my next book!

Monday, I shared a dress I love from another local boutique, as well as some pretty big things that have happened in my life lately.

Tuesday, I shared quite the heartfelt post about how this past year taught me to actually chase my dreams.

And Lastly, my friend, Megan, wrote a review of Heartbeat, and it just fills me to the rim to hear sweet words from a dear friend. She’s also hosting a giveaway for a copy, which I’d love for you to enter! Even if you own it, it would make a great gift!


A few friends have mentioned wanting this, and I don’t really know how best to get the word out! Because I’m a slacker and don’t share posts regularly (insert monkey with hands on his eyes emoji), I’d love it if you subscribed to Darling, Dearest emails! You can opt in for either weekly or every post, whichever you prefer.

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